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State of New Jersey. DCA re: + GovConnect Update: October 28, 2013, 10/28 (forwarded e-mail) + NJAC 5:35 Proposed Readoption, 11/15 (forwarded e-mail) + Forthcoming Survey on Cell Towers, 11/15 (forwarded e-mail) + GovConnect Update: November 19, 2013, (forwarded e-mail) + COLA Adjustment for CY 2014 Budgets, 11/19 (forwarded e-mail) - DEP re: + Press Release: Deer Alert, 10/28 (forwarded e-mail) + 2013 League of Municipalities Convention Roundtable Sessions, 10/29 (forwarded e-mail) + EPA Databases of Funding Opportunities, 10/31 (forwarded e-mail) + Suspected Hazardous Substance Discharge Notifications, 10/30 & 11/13 + Upcoming League Convention DEP Schedule & Roundtable Reminder, 11/8 (forwarded e-mail) + Press Release: Safe and Proper Use of Wood Burning Stoves, 11/8 (forwarded e-mail) + Congratulations on Your Reelection, 11/8 (forwarded e-mail) + Final Johanna Foods Inc Petition Denial, 11/13 (forwarded e-mail) + CWCNotice of 2013 Public Hearing, 11/20 (forwarded e-mail) - DOT re: Completion of Remediation at West Amwell Maintenance Yard, 11/15 - Senator Turner re: Re-election Congratulations, 11/6 - Senator Sweeney re: Re-election Congratulations, 11/12
State of New Jersey. The State of New Jersey hereby approves this Agreement of the Parties to the U.S. Supreme Court Decree of 1954 for a Flexible Flow Management Program and recommends that this Agreement be submitted to the Delaware River Basin Commission for implementation as appropriate through rules, dockets and/ or resolutions, subject in each instance to the further agreement of the Parties as required by Section 3.3(a) of the Delaware River Basin Compact.
State of New Jersey. 2020). Division of Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance.
State of New Jersey. The Company and Executive hereby each consents to the jurisdiction of the Superior Court of the State of New Jersey for the County of Passaic or the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey with respect to any dispute arising under the terms of this Agreement and further consents that any process or notice of motion therewith may be served by certified or registered mail or personal service, within or without the State of New Jersey, provided a reasonable time for appearance is allowed.
State of New Jersey i ! .- COUNTY OF MERCER) ! f On this day of , k// b , before me, a notary public y -, p ! in and for the County and St' ate aforesaid, personally appeared ! b [M NOMrh 7 , and he did depose and say :. r . | that he is the Asst.-Secretary,'of~ United Jersey Bank,: the - Corporation,- which executed the.above! instrument, that he knows I j the seal of-'said association; that the seal affixed-'to such F instrument'is such~ corporate seal; that-it was so' affixed by. j. order of the association; and-that he signe'd his name thereto by
State of New Jersey. COUNTY OF ESSEX SS. : On this 8th day of June, 2000, before me, the undersigned, personally appeared Michael Leftin and signed the foregoing instrument, and did acknowledge under oath to my satisfaction, that:
State of New Jersey. The Execu|Search Group, LLC Department of the Treasury Division of Purchase and Property By: By: Name: Kyle W. Mattice Title: President Date: 6/4/2020 Name: Amy F. Davis Title: Associate Deputy Director Date: June 24, 2020 Approved as to Form: GURBIR S. GREWAL Attorney General of the State of New Jersey By: Alison Keating Deputy Attorney General STATE OF NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY DIVISION OF PURCHASE AND PROPERTY 33 WEST STATE STREET, P.O. BOX 230 TRENTON, NEW JERSEY 08625-0230 State of New Jersey Standard Terms and Conditions (Rev: 10/21/19)
State of New Jersey. Adequate notice of this meeting
State of New Jersey. P.L. 2005, Chapter 53 (Senate Substitute for Senate, No. 144 and Senate Substitute for Assembly, No. 492) [internet]. 2005 March 24 [cited 2016 Jan 8]. Available from:

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  • Georgia Coverage is effective upon the expiration of the shortest portion of the manufacturer’s warranty. In the “WHAT IS NOT COVERED” section of this Agreement, exclusion (E) is removed and replaced with: Any and all pre-existing conditions known by You that occur prior to the effective date of this Agreement and/or any sold “AS- IS” including but not limited to floor models, demonstration models, etc. CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: If You cancel after thirty (30) days of receipt of Your Agreement, You will receive a pro rata refund of the Agreement price. In the event of cancellation by US, notice of such cancellation will be in writing and given at least thirty (30) days prior to cancellation. Cancellation will comply with Section 33-24-44 of the Code of Georgia. Claims paid and cancellation fees shall not be deducted from any refund owed as a result of cancellation. Any refund owed and not paid as required is subject to a penalty equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the refund owed and interest of eighteen percent (18%) per year until paid; however, such penalty shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the amount of the refund. We may not cancel this Agreement except for fraud, material misrepresentation, or non-payment by You. ARBITRATION section of this Agreement is removed.

  • Oklahoma This Agreement is not a contract of insurance. Coverage afforded under this contract is not guaranteed by the Oklahoma Insurance Guaranty Association. CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: In the event You cancel this Agreement, return of premium shall be based upon ninety percent (90%) of the unearned pro rata premium, less any claims that have been paid or less the cost of repairs made on Your behalf. In the event We cancel this Agreement, return of premium shall be based upon one hundred percent (100%) of unearned pro rata premium, less any claims that have been paid or less the cost of repairs made on Your behalf. ARBITRATION – While arbitration is mandatory, the outcome of any arbitration shall be non-binding on the parties, and either party shall, following arbitration, have the right to reject the arbitration award and bring suit in a district court of Oklahoma.

  • Texas If You purchased this Agreement in Texas, unresolved complaints or questions concerning the regulations of service contracts may be addressed to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, telephone number (512) 463-2906 or (800) 803-9202. Obligor: 4warranty Corporation, 10151 Deerwood Park, Bldg. 100, Suite 500, Jacksonville Florida 32256 (800-867-2216) Lic #275. CANCELLATION section is amended as follows: You, the Service Agreement Holder may apply for reimbursement directly to the insurer if a refund or credit is not paid before the 46th day after the date on which Your Agreement is returned to the provider.

  • Nevada As used herein, NEVADA means the applicable above listed ILEC doing business in Nevada.