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Continuing professional education means a course, a program, a series of courses or programs, or other edu- cational activity provided to members of a profession, as defined in 5 CFR 2636.305(b)(1), or academic discipline and designed principally to maintain or advance the skills and competence of practitioners in a field of specialized knowledge and to expand an apprecia- tion and understanding of the profes- sional responsibilities, fiduciary obli- gations, or ethical aspirations incum- bent upon members of the group. For those members of a profession or aca- demic discipline that does not subject its members to licensure or continuing education requirements, the term con- tinuing professional education includes those educational activities that exem- plify a purpose and content similar to those offered to or required of members of a licensed profession.
Continuing professional education means the set of activities that enables registrants to maintain and improve their professional competence. It is an integral part of the lifelong learning required to provide competent service.
Continuing professional education means the education that a person obtains after passing the CPA

Examples of Continuing professional education in a sentence

  • This requirement is waived for single presentations such as lectures that are given once.10.8(3) Continuing professional education programs will qualify only if:a.

  • Proration: Continuing professional education requirements shall be prorated for new permit holders only.

  • Since reptiles are cold-blooded, they digest their food and process the nutrients more slowly than birds and mammals and so do not need to eat as often.

  • Continuing professional education and other measures to maintain pharmacists' continuing competency in disease state management and other credentialed pharmacy services.

  • Continuing professional education" (CPE) as specified in the Dietician/Nutritionist Licensure Act, 24 Del.C.§3808, must meet the content requirements of The American Dietetic Association for CPE credit.

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Continuing professional education means professional, pharmaceutical education in the general areas of the socioeconomic and legal aspects of health care; the properties and actions of drugs and dosage forms; and the etiology, characteristics and therapeutics of the diseased state;
Continuing professional education means professional,
Continuing professional education means educational opportunities beyond doctoral education and initial entry level training as a psychologist or psychologist associate for which hourly credit is earned. It is the process through which professional licensees review psychological concepts and techniques, acquire new knowledge or skills relevant to their work, and improve their competence in current skills. These activities are intended to supplement what has already been attained in training and practice. It is an ongoing process consisting of formal learning activities at the postgraduate level that are:
Continuing professional education means a requirement, imposed by a Member State as a condition of License renewal to provide evidence of successful participation in professional educational activities relevant to the provision of School Psychological Services
Continuing professional education means training, approved by the department or a superintendent, required for renewal of business manager certification.
Continuing professional education means the education that a person obtains after passing the CPA examination and that relates to services provided to an employer in academia, government, or industry using the CPA title or to services provided to the public using the CPA title.
Continuing professional education. (CPE) means a board requirement of continuing education, instruction or participation as a condition of renewal of licensure.