Contaminated definition

Contaminated means the actual existence on or under any real property of Hazardous Substances, if the existence of such Hazardous Substances triggers a requirement to perform any investigatory, remedial, removal or other response action under any Environmental Laws or if such response action legally could be required by any governmental authority; "Facility" means any property currently owned, leased or occupied by the Company.
Contaminated means made impure or inferior by extraneous substances.
Contaminated means the presence of Hazardous Material in, on or under the soil, groundwater, surface water or other environmental media to an extent that any Response Action is legally required by any Governmental Authority under any Environmental Law with respect to such presence of Hazardous Material.

Examples of Contaminated in a sentence

  • Comparison of Pulse Lavage Versus Bulb Syringe Irrigation in a Chronic Contaminated Wound Model.

  • The Project would employ 100 employees during operations and is therefore required to provide 50 car spaces.The Project would include a carpark with capacity for up to 80 cars (Section 2.9.2).Carparking facilities at the Project would be developed in accordance with Element 4.1. Element 4.2 – Contaminated Land Management Element 4.2 outlines requirements relating to the use and/or development of land that is or may be contaminated.

  • Contaminated sites may be placed in a holding zone in the municipality's zoning By-law (where the principle of development or land use has already been established).

  • Contaminated soils will be managed in accordance with CSSA’s RFI Interim Measures Waste Management Plan, Parsons, 2006 and the RFI/IM Addendum for RMU- 3, November 2012.

  • Contaminated work clothing should not be allowed out of the workplace.Inform appropriate managerial or supervisory personnel of all environmental releases.

More Definitions of Contaminated

Contaminated means the presence of one or more Hazardous Substances in such quantity or concentration as to: (i) violate any Environmental Law; (ii) require disclosure to any Governmental Authority; (iii) require remediation or removal; (iv) interfere with or prevent the use of the Real Property or any of the Purchased Assets as customarily intended; or (v) create any contribution Liability to fund the clean up of the Real Property.
Contaminated means the presence of or entry into the MS4, Waters of the State, or Waters of the United States of any substance which may be harmful to the public health or the quality of the water.
Contaminated means the presence or the reasonably anticipated presence of blood or other potentially infectious materials on an item or surface.
Contaminated or “contamination” means the presence of petroleum or petroleum products or their chemical constituents in surface water, groundwater, soil, sediment, or upon the land, in concentrations that exceed the applicable CTLs specified in Chapter 62-777, F.A.C., or water quality standards in Chapter 62-302 or 62-520, F.A.C., or in concentrations that may result in contaminated sediment. This definition is solely for use within Chapter 62-770, F.A.C.
Contaminated or "contamination" means polluted by hazardous
Contaminated or "contamination" means polluted by hazardous chemicals so that the property is unfit for human habitation or use due to immediate or long-term haz- ards. Property that at one time was contaminated but has been satisfactorily decontaminated according to procedures estab- lished by the state board of health is not "contaminated."
Contaminated. (“halogedig”) means designated by a plant health inspector as contaminated for the purposes of Article 5(1)(a)(ii) of Directive 98/57/EC;