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Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means an economically disadvantaged business that: is an independent and continuing business for profit; performs a commercially useful function; is owned and controlled by persons residing in the United States or its territories; has average gross annual receipts in the three years immediately preceding its application for certification as a SBE that do not exceed the following limits: (a) construction--$14,000,000; (b) professional or personal services--$2,000,000 and (c) suppliers--$7,000,000; and is (or is in the process of being) certified by the Agency as a SBE and meets the other certification criteria described in the SBE application. In order to determine whether or not a firm meets the above economic size definitions, the Agency will use the firm’s three most recent business tax returns (i.e., 1040 with Schedule C for Sole Proprietorships, 1065s with K-1s for Partnerships, and 1120s for Corporations). Once a business reaches the 3-year average size threshold for the applicable industry the business ceases to be economically disadvantaged, it is not an eligible SBE and it will not be counted towards meeting SBE contracting requirements (or goals).
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means a business that is certified as an SBE under this program or the following similar programs and meeting the below economic thresholds (Section III “Economic Size Standards”).
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means a business that is owned by one or more persons who are United States citizens or resident legal aliens, with a place of business located in the United States, operates primarily within the United States and is sized consistently with the requirements set forth in 13 CFR Section 121.201, which defines size standards for small businesses, based on either annual receipts or the number of employees. SECTION 48A - RESIDENT EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS FOR SECTION 3 COVERED CONTRACTS IN EXCESS OF $500,000

Examples of Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in a sentence

  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Yes No If yes, list certifying agency: c.

  • A Small Business Enterprise (SBE) bid preference applies to this solicitation.

  • Please include the SBE registration number for any listed subcontractor registered with NJ Commerce as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firm.3.10The classification data requested in the Company Qualification Questionnaire is for informational purposes only.

  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) – a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or other legal entity for the purpose of making a profit, which is Independently Owned and Operated by Individuals legally residing in, or that are citizens of, the United States or its territories, and which meets the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) size standard for a small business in its particular industry(ies) and meets the Significant Business Presence requirements as defined herein.

  • The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) participation goal established by the SBE Ordinance (R2002-0064) is 15% overall.

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Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means a business which (a) is at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned by one or more persons (b) the owner has a personal net worth less than 750,000 a year; (c) is located within the metropolitan statistical area and finally (d) has been in business a minimum of 1 year.
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means a small business concern that is 51% owned, operated and controlled by one or more individuals who are small business owner (who is at an “economic disadvantage”). The individuals must have day-to-day operational and managerial control and interest in capital, financial risks, and earnings commensurate with the percentage of ownership.
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means a small business concern, as defined in Section 3 of the Small Business Act and implementing regulations (Volume 13 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1).
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means an in-state business
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means a small business enterprise certified by the Agency Contract Compliance Division pursuant to the standards described in the Small Business Enterprise Policy.
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means an in-state business that:
Small Business Enterprise (SBE) means any sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or Joint Venture that is certified by NEORSD as meeting each of the following requirements: