Blackwater definition

Blackwater means human bodily wastes and the wastes from toilets and other receptacles intended to receive or retain human bodily wastes.[PL 2003, c. 650, §2 (NEW).]
Blackwater means waste carried off by toilets, urinals, and kitchen drains.

Examples of Blackwater in a sentence

  • The Monongahela River Basin main stem and all its tributaries excluding the following major tributaries which are designated as follows: 7.1.c.1. MC - Cheat River and all its tributaries except those listed below: 7.1.c.1.A. MCB - Blackwater River and all its tributaries.

  • Lower North Landing River from Blackwater Creek to the North Carolina State Line (Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway).

  • The Company has exposure to the Canadian dollar through New Afton, Rainy River and Blackwater, as well as through corporate administration costs.

  • Yet the U.S. Army stated in a congressional committee hearing that it had never authorized KBR to enter into a subcontracting relationship with Blackwater.

  • One such example is the case of Blackwater Security Firm’s contract for private security services in Iraq.

More Definitions of Blackwater

Blackwater means liquid and solid human body waste and the carriage waters generated through toilet usage.
Blackwater means that part of domestic sewage carried off by toilets, urinals, and kitchen drains.
Blackwater means water containing fecal matter and/or urine.
Blackwater means waste from a liquid flushing toilet, urinal, kitchen sinks, dishwashers or laundry water from the washing of material soiled with human excreta, such as diapers;
Blackwater means wastewater contaminated with human wastes, general- ly originating from toilets. It includes, but is not limited to, wastewater discharg- es from water closets, toilets, urinals or similar fixtures alone or in combination with other wastewater.