Bulk Product definition

Bulk Product means Licensed Product supplied in a form other than Finished Product which can be converted into Finished Product.
Bulk Product means the bulk solution of polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugate of uricase ordered by Savient from BTG pursuant to this Agreement.
Bulk Product means all bulk forms of the active ingredient of a Product;

Examples of Bulk Product in a sentence

  • As a request by Savient to increase the quantity of Bulk Product in a Firm Forecast prior to its becoming a Firm Order may require longer lead times for delivery than requested by Savient, both Parties shall agree jointly on a new delivery date as close as possible to the requested date having due regard for BTG’s commercial commitments to Third Parties and its own production needs, such agreement to not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed.

  • If such documentation is not reasonably acceptable to SAVIENT, BTG will cooperate in taking such steps as SAVIENT may reasonably require to ensure that the documentation, and any Processing described therein complies with the Bulk Product Specifications and all Legal Requirements.

  • PCB Bulk Product Waste: For the purpose of disposal, all non-leaking fluorescent light ballasts that are not labeled “NO PCB” are to be considered PCB Bulk Product Waste and must be disposed of in accordance with either 40 CFR 761.62 (a) or (c).

  • Person-in-Plant visits may be conducted at the discretion of SAVIENT during the manufacture of Bulk Product at BTG facilities.

  • The Customer agrees that it is the Customer’s/ Cardholder’s responsibility to ensure any sales voucher or delivery docket correctly records the type of Product, Bulk Product or Service, quantity, price and other details of the purchase.

More Definitions of Bulk Product

Bulk Product means the purified active ingredient, or purified intermediate for manufacture of any PRODUCT, as the case may be, in bulk form.
Bulk Product means the bulk solution of methoxy-polyethylene glycol (m-PEG) conjugate of uricase supplied by Savient to Enzon pursuant to this Agreement.
Bulk Product means installment sales contracts acquired on a group ------------ basis by TFC through the purchase of a portfolio of performing contracts from a Dealer's portfolio of existing installment sales contracts.
Bulk Product means bulk solution of polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugate of uricase in its final formulation which is in Process, and has been produced for sterilization, filling or other finishing activities.
Bulk Product means a Lead Compound supplied by FG to Astellas as a bulk formulated drug (such as in a form, including, but not limited, to a capsule, tablet or caplet formulation) without packaging.
Bulk Product means any Product, which has completed all Manufacturing stages up to, but not including packaging in a primary container;
Bulk Product means loose masses of cargo such as oil, grain, gas and minerals, which are typically stored in the hold of a vessel. Cargoes such as automobiles, machinery, bags of salt and palletized items that are individually packaged or contained are not considered bulk products in the application of this definition.