commercial fishing definition

commercial fishing means all fishing operations, including fishing operations on rivers, lakes or canals, with the exception of subsistence fishing and recreational fishing;
commercial fishing means to take, harvest, hold, transport, or off-load marine species for sale or intended sale (R.I. Gen. Laws § 20-1-3).
commercial fishing means all fishing operations with the exception of subsistence fishing and recreational fishing;

Examples of commercial fishing in a sentence

  • Commercial fishing and fish processing are the economic mainstays in the region.

  • Commercial fishing and sale of catch from the recreational fishery are not permitted, and commercial vessels may not take commercial catches on a recreational/food fishing trip (DFO 2017d).

  • Commercial fishing began in the 1880’s, and expanded rapidly in the early part of the 20th century.

More Definitions of commercial fishing

commercial fishing means attempting to catch fish or any other marine animals or organisms with the intent of disposing of them for profit or trade in commercial channels and does not include subsistence fishing for personal use, sport fishing or charter boat fishing where the vessel is used for carrying sport anglers to available fishing grounds.
commercial fishing means any fishing resulting or intending or appearing to result in selling or trading any fish which may be taken during the fishing operations, and does not include artisanal or customary fishing;
commercial fishing means fishing for commercial purposes;
commercial fishing means fishing which is undertaken in a commercial fishing area as a regular or occasional occupation for the supply of fish to any market or industry;
commercial fishing means taking, attempting to
commercial fishing means fishing, the resulting catch of which is sold or bartered; or is intended to be sold or bartered, other than i) recreational (sport) fishing; ii) treaty Indian ceremonial and subsistence fishing as referred to in Section 23, iii) Indigenous groups fishing in British Columbia as referred to in Section 24; and iv) customary and traditional fishing as referred to in Section 25 and defined by and regulated pursuant to NOAA Fisheries regulations published at 50 CFR Part 300;
commercial fishing means a fishing activity engaged in for the purpose of sale of fish or parts of fish.