Commercial fishing definition

Commercial fishing means all fishing operations, including fishing operations on rivers, lakes or canals, with the exception of subsistence fishing and recreational fishing;
Commercial fishing means attempting to catch fish or any other marine animals or organisms with the intent of disposing of them for profit or trade in commercial channels and does not include subsistence fishing for personal use, sport fishing or charter boat fishing where the vessel is used for carrying sport anglers to available fishing grounds.
Commercial fishing means to take, harvest, hold, transport, or off-load marine species for sale or intended sale (R.I. Gen. Laws § 20-1-3).

Examples of Commercial fishing in a sentence

Commercial fishing has long been important to the region and the industry remains a distinctive element of the East Anglian coastal character.

The group shall include a diverse mix of state-specific interests, including at least one representative from:· Federally recognized Tribe in Alaska.· Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Corporation,· Environmental or conservation organizations,· Timber industry,· Mining industry,· Tourism industry,· Commercial fishing industry,· State and local government, and· Other commercial interests, those holding land use permits, or the public at large.

Commercial fishing of any kind including but not limited to the capturing of minnows, fry, or other small fish in any HVL POA lake is prohibited.

Commercial fishing Fishing undertaken for the purpose of trade or business.

Commercial fishing earnings in 2013 were slightly less than $2 million.

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Commercial fishing means fishing for fish regulated by this chapter with commercial gear or methods other than those commonly known as hook and line fishing or angling, the taking of smelt pursuant to s. NR 20.20, or the taking of minnows.
Commercial fishing means the ac- tivity of taking or harvesting, or at- tempting to take or harvest any edible or non-edible form of fresh or salt water aquatic life for the purpose of sale or barter.
Commercial fishing means all fishing operations with the exception of subsistence fishing and recreational fishing;
Commercial fishing means any fishing resulting or intending or appearing to result in selling or trading any fish which may be taken during the fishing operations, and does not include artisanal or customary fishing;
Commercial fishing means fishing for commercial purposes;
Commercial fishing means taking, attempting to
Commercial fishing means a fishing activity engaged in for the purpose of sale of fish or parts of fish.