Clearing and Grubbing definition

Clearing and Grubbing means the removal of all surface objects, brush, roots and other protruding obstructions, trees and stumps which result in the removal of topsoil or the alteration of grade of the land;
Clearing and Grubbing means the removal of tree stumps, shrubs, trash, and dirt piles before excavation of a site.
Clearing and Grubbing means the removal of trees, shrubs, bushes, windfalls and all other materials from above and below the natural ground surface. This activity removes vegetative ground cover, removes top soil, andremoves/disturbs root mat. Except in those cases where specifically approved by a grading permit , “grubbing” for the removal of stumps and roots shall not exceed 18” below the original surface of the ground.

Examples of Clearing and Grubbing in a sentence

  • The initial BMP’s shall be for the first phase (generally Clearing and Grubbing) and shall be modified as needed as the project changes phases.

  • At least one field assessment visit is to be attended by the District Landscape Architect.The Result of the Field Assessments(s) will determine the course of action for Selective Clearing and Grubbing and the extent of the Vegetation Survey under Task 2.10.

  • Will utilize the information collected from the Vegetation Survey and information collected under task 4.12 for Selective Clearing and Grubbing.

  • It is understood the contractor will be responsible for coordination with an arborist for the care of vegetation during construction and during root and branch pruning, however, the CONSULTANT should be knowledgeable in arboricultural practices to the extent that they are able to deliver detailed and informed Selective Clearing and Grubbing Plans.

  • Unless provided for in other separate bid items or unless otherwise specified; Clearing and Grubbing, Roadway Excavation, Rock Excavation, Borrow Excavation, and Fill Construction shall not be measured, in which case payment for these earthwork items, if required, shall be included in the unit price for subgrade preparation.

More Definitions of Clearing and Grubbing

Clearing and Grubbing means the removal of vegetation by cutting and digging up roots and stumps.
Clearing and Grubbing means the removal of unwanted growth, in the form of trees, wood, shrub, brush, or stumps on site.
Clearing and Grubbing means moving or removing by manual or mechanical means trees, vegetation and/or the top four (4) inches or greater of soil.
Clearing and Grubbing means moving, removing, displacing, and/or stockpiling, by manual or mechanical means, any healthy trees, vegetation and/or the top organic layer of a site. The top organic layer shall be that described in the geotechnical report for the site. In the absence of a geotechnical report the organic layer shall not be less than eight inches (8”) thick.
Clearing and Grubbing means removal of unwanted growth, in the form of trees, wood, shrubs, brush, or stumps on a site.
Clearing and Grubbing means to dig up and remove trees, bushes, shrubs, etc. from the land of roots, stems, trunk and foliage in order to clear the land for planting, development, or other use.
Clearing and Grubbing. – means the removal of vegetation, and surface debris. “City” - means the City of Lompoc, or the City Council of the City of Lompoc. “Compaction” – means the densification of a fill by mechanical means.