Collector street definition

Collector street means a street, existing or proposed, of considerable continuity which serves or is intended to serve as the principal traffic way between large and separated areas or districts and which is the main means of access to the major street system.
Collector street means a Street up to three lanes which carries traffic from Minor Streets to the Arterial Street system, including the principal Entrance and circulation Streets within residential Developments.
Collector street means a thoroughfare whether within a residential, industrial, commercial or other type of development, which carries traffic from minor streets to arterial highways or major streets, including the principal entrance streets of residential developments and primary circulation routes within such developments.

Examples of Collector street in a sentence

  • Upgrade the western half of street to County urban Collector street standards, unless the County Engineer approves a Design Exception pursuant to Chapter 2 of the County’s Road Design and Construction Standards, including a sidewalk on the Shannon Place frontage of Lot 14 (tax lot 1S109CB00500) and Tract C - (sidewalk to replace existing asphalt path along west side of Shannon Place).

  • Collector street curves Curves in collector streets shall be designed in accordance with design speed standards found in AASHTO manual, with exceptions to this standard granted only by the Final Approval Authority.

  • Collector street or road 100% MMDD Access street or road 98% MMDD The number of tests to be undertaken is as specified in Table 7.

  • In addition, for all streets that intersect with Arterial and Collector streets, the sight distance must be large enough to allow a vehicle to enter the street and accelerate to the average running speed without interfering with the traffic flow on the Arterial or Collector street.

  • Collector street: designed to accommodate and direct traffic generated by minor streets in one (1) or more neighborhoods or subdivisions to major streets and other areas of the town.

More Definitions of Collector street

Collector street means a public street, which provides for expeditious movement of vehicular traffic within a neighborhood, collecting traffic from minor streets and connecting to other major streets. Such a street is typically 2 to 5 miles in length. It shall have a right-of-way width of not less than 50 feet or more than 100 feet and a pavement width of not less than 32 feet or more than 56 feet.
Collector street means a street which carries traffic from minor streets to the major street system, including the principal entrance streets of residence development and the primary circulating streets within such a development.
Collector street means a street located and designed for the primary purpose of carrying through traffic and of connecting major areas of the City. Unless otherwise designated by the Commission, collector street shall be defined on the plan for streets and community facilities in the comprehensive development plan.
Collector street means a street which collects traffic from residential streets and connects with arterials.
Collector street means the class of street that serves the internal traffic movement within an area of the County, such as a subdivision, and connects this area with the arterial system. Collectors do not handle long through trips and are not, of necessity, continuous for any great length. This principal difference between collector and arterial streets is the length of the trip they accommodate. Collectors in an industrial area would properly carry truck movements which serve to terminate in that area.
Collector street means a roadway designed to carry medium volumes of vehicular traffic, provide access to the major street system, and collect the vehicular traffic from the intersecting minor streets.
Collector street means a street used, or intended to be used, to carry traffic from minor streets to the major system of arterial streets including the principal entrance streets to residential developments.