Clean Coal definition

Clean Coal means Coal having been extracted from a Mine and having been put through the washing process.
Clean Coal means the tonnage of coal remaining after mining and processing losses but including coal used in plant operations;
Clean Coal means coal that has been cleaned and processed through a preparation plant and is available for shipment to customers.

Examples of Clean Coal in a sentence

  • I have reviewed this Annual Report on Form 10-K of Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.

  • On July 18, 1996, $85.0 million of Variable Rate Revolving Fund Bonds were issued to finance a portion of the Healy Clean Coal Project.

  • Displacement/Relocation (92.353) County policy prohibits assisting housing activities anticipated to result in permanent, involuntary displacement.

  • For example, Fossil Energy in operating the Clean Coal Program issued internal guidance, only since the authorizing statute did not require implementing regulations and provided sufficient detail regarding program requirements.

  • The amounts reported exclude the work ADA has conducted for Clean Coal, as further described below, which was eliminated in our consolidation.

More Definitions of Clean Coal

Clean Coal means coal that requires processing in a coal preparation plant before it is transported from the mine site for marketing or testing;
Clean Coal means or refer to the amount of Washed Coal shipped from the Preparation Plant and received by customers in any month.
Clean Coal means or refer to the amount of Raw Coal delivered to the Preparation Plant multiplied by the Clean Coal Conversion Factor.
Clean Coal means clean coal products manufactured by using the proprietary technologies , patents, or intellectual property owned by Party B.
Clean Coal means the coal loaded into railroad cars or other facilities for shipment to market and coal used or coked by the Lessee on the premises and coal sold by the Lessee to employees. A ton of coke sold and shipped, used by the Lessee, or cold by the Lessee to employees shall be counted as one and one- half (1-1/2) tons of coal; provided, however, that, if either the Lessor or the Lessee shall prefer, the coal shall be "weighed or otherwise measured before coking, then the tonnage royalty on coal coked shall be determined by the weight or measure of the coal before coking. For the purpose of computing the percentage royalty hereinabove provided, coal produced hereunder by the Lessee and used by the Lessee on or off the leased premises, or shipped from the leased premises without being sold, shall be accounted for as having been sold by the Lessee at the fair market value thereof at the time of use on the leased premises or of shipment therefrom or from Lessee's processing plant.
Clean Coal means coal that has undergone a washing process to remove waste before it is transported from the mine site for marketing or testing;
Clean Coal means or refer to the amount of Coal mined and removed by Independent Contractor from the Premises under this Agreement and shipped by AWVMC to customers, and meeting the specifications set forth in Section 5.2.