Carrier Partners definition

Carrier Partners means the insurance companies which are parties to the Carrier Partner Agreements.
Carrier Partners means any telecommunications carrier that OCT engages or contracts with to deliver, supply, or support OCT's products or services. Carrier Partners are not employees or agents of OCT, but rather are independent contractors. OCT assumes no liability, and shall not be held liable by Customer, for any damages caused by the acts or omissions of any Carrier Partner.
Carrier Partners means the five Persons identified on a list captioned “Carrier Partners” agreed upon by the parties by exchange of emails on or prior to the date hereof.

Examples of Carrier Partners in a sentence

  • All SmartWay Multimodal Carrier Partners agree to complete and submit the SmartWay Multimodal Carrier Tool to: define company composition characterize company activity individually benchmark fleetstrack annual changes in performance Upon approval of a Multimodal Carrier Tool submission, multimodal carriers will be identified as SmartWay Multimodal Carriers Partners on EPA’s website on the SmartWay Partner List and in a database used to identify companies that meet SmartWay’s annual requirements.

  • Since its founding in 2004, SmartWay has reduced oil consumption by 215.4 million barrels.21 Between 2009 and 2016, the SmartWay Truck Carrier Partners prevented the release of 1,700,000 tons of NOX and 70,000 tons of particulate matter into the atmosphere.22 Ports in the U.S. rely on SmartWay’s Port Drayage Truck program to help reduce pollution in and around major national ports.

  • Registered SmartWay Carrier Partners measure, benchmark and track their efforts to increase efficiency andfuel economy.These efforts help ensure that we can serve and meet the needs of our customers while minimizing our impacts on the environment.

  • However, a significant proportion of these will not be premises- based.

  • In any case, by qualitatively comparing fresh and used catalyst, an important modification in the bands of carbon signal can be observed due to the presence of aromatics adsorbed hydrocarbons on the latter used catalyst.

  • Plaintiffs allege that they had prior business relationships with Defendants, beginning with LD in 1997, for whom the Plaintiff companies served as Designated Carrier Partners (“DCPs”).

  • SmartWay Transport Partnership and the Transportation Sector The SmartWay Transport Partnership consists of the following participant groups: • Carrier Partners include businesses that own and operate truck and vehicle fleets, maritime vessels, cargo handling equipment, rail cars and related transportation-based assets.

  • If AT&T or its Carrier Partners no longer provide the technology in specific countries or parts of countries, Customer may terminate Connected School Bus Mobile Internet Service for particular Devices that use solely those technologies in the affected countries or parts of countries without penalty.

  • Carrier Partner Network The integrated mobile switching facilities, servers, cell sites, connections, billing systems, activation systems and other related facilities over which the Connected School Bus Mobile Internet Service is provided on facilities and spectrum made available to Customer by AT&T through AT&T's agreements with Carrier Partners.

  • SmartWay Transport Partnership and the Transportation Sector The SmartWay Transport Partnership consists of the following participant groups: • Carrier Partners include businesses that provide freight transport services, and that own and/or operate vehicles used in goods movement and related transportation-based assets.

More Definitions of Carrier Partners

Carrier Partners has the meaning set forth in Section 4.25(a)(ii).

Related to Carrier Partners

  • Hosting Partners means companies who entered into an agreement with CIPC in the areas of application management; application hosting, application service provision, and marketplace hosting are incorporated in this category.

  • Partners means the General Partner and the Limited Partners.

  • Service Partners means any successful vendor who is awarded the proposal or who entered into an agreement with CIPC and/or its clients to offer consulting services in areas such as but not limited to, strategic e-business consulting, evaluation, implementation and continuous improvement or system integration.

  • Constellation has the meaning assigned to that term in the Recitals.

  • Operating Partnership has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • economic operators means the manufacturer, the authorised representative, the importer and the distributor;

  • Operating Company has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • GP means Gottbetter & Partners, LLP.

  • General partnership means an organization formed under chapters 45-13 through 45-21.

  • ESC means erosion and sediment control.

  • CFPC means the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

  • Business Partner means a legal entity that requires use of a training service in connection with Customer’s and its Affiliates’ internal business operations. These may include customers, distributors, service providers and/or suppliers of Customer.

  • Management Company means the firm overseeing the operation and management of the Participating Property; and shall mean the Grantee in any event wherein the Management Company is required to perform any obligations under this Agreement.

  • Delta means the positive or negative number that is a measure of the change in market value of an option relative to changes in the value of the underlying interest of the option;

  • General Partner has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

  • General Partners means all such Persons.

  • AMC means Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Sub-Manager Any Person with which the Property Manager or the Special Servicer has entered into a Sub-Management Agreement.

  • HCP means a Habitat Conservation Plan prepared pursuant to § 10(a)(2)(A) of the ESA (16 U.S.C. § 1539(a)(2)(A)).

  • LP means the aggregate quantity of Lost Production during such Month (expressed in MWh) and

  • LPN means licensed practical nurse.

  • DOH means the department of health.

  • Universal Digital Loop Carrier (UDLC means the DLC system that has a CO terminal channel bank that is connected to the CO switches on the analog side.

  • economic operator means any natural or legal person or public entity or group of such persons and/or entities which offers the execution of works and/or a work, the supply of products or the provision of services on the market;

  • ACE means the instantaneous difference between a Balancing Authority’s net actual and scheduled interchange, taking into account the effects of Frequency Bias and correction for meter error.

  • Keystone means Keystone Underwriting Pty Ltd ABN 78 601 944 763 as Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 000468712) of Keystone Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd ABN 59 634 715 674 AFSL 518224 which is acting on behalf of Underwriters.