LP definition

LP means the aggregate quantity of Lost Production during such Month (expressed in MWh) and

Examples of LP in a sentence

  • This warranty is provided to you by Daikin Comfort Technologies Manufacturing, L.P. (“Daikin”), which warrants all parts of this heating or air conditioning unit, as described below.

  • Chicago Pacific Founders UGP, LLC ("UGP") is the general partner of Chicago Founders GP, LP ("GP"), the general partner of each of Fund I, Fund I-A and Fund I-B.

  • It shows that, while sunshine funds do have similar contractual arrangements as typical LP- organized hedge funds, they also possess many undeniable differences due to the jurisdiction- specific characteristics of China.

  • On August 14, 2014, the Bank assigned and transferred the mortgage on the Property to defendant 130 Front Street L.P. (“130 Front Street”), and the Deed naming that entity as grantee was recorded on August 19, 2014.Plaintiffs commenced this action against the Bank Defendants on August 28, 2014, by praecipe for writ of summons, and subsequently filed a complaint requesting a jury trial.

  • Name and Address of Reporting Person *CHICAGO PACIFIC FOUNDERS FUND, L.P. (Last) (First) (Middle)980 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE,SUITE 1998 (Street)CHICAGO IL 60611 (City) (State) (Zip)1.

More Definitions of LP

LP means Choice Properties Limited Partnership, a limited partnership formed under the laws of the Province of Ontario and, as the circumstances require, references to the “LP” shall include, as and to the extent applicable, such other limited partnerships that may be Subsidiaries of the Trust from time to time;
LP means the distance, measured perpendicular to the luff, from the luff to theclew point of a soft sail.
LP means Xxxxxxx & Xxxxx, Incorporated. “Purchaser” and “You” both mean the consumer who is the original purchaser of this adjustable base made by L&P.