ACE definition

ACE means The Arts Council of England trading as Arts Council England (registered charity number 1036733);

Examples of ACE in a sentence

  • Quota shares owned generate an ACE on the first day of the fishing year, which is expressed in kilograms.

  • Even after removing outliers, there is still some price variability (particularly ACE transfer prices) that is difficult to explain.

  • This allowed the asset value for paua to be based mainly on quota trades rather than ACE transfers.

  • After this, quota holdings split into two property rights; it is the annual catch entitlement (ACE) that can be purchased by a second party for the term of the fishing year.

  • The fact that both quota and ACE values were available for some fish stocks over the period 2002–2006 meant that calculation of an implicit rather than an exogenous discount rate could be considered.

More Definitions of ACE

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