Calibration gas definition

Calibration gas means a gas mixture used to calibrate gas analysers.
Calibration gas means a purified gas mixture used to calibrate gas analyzers. Calibration gases shall meet the specifications of 9.5.1. Note that calibration gases and span gases are qualitatively the same, but differ in terms of their primary function. Various performance verification checks for gas analyzers and sample handling components might refer to either calibration gases or span gases;
Calibration gas means a gas of known concentration used to establish the response curve of the exhaust gas analyzer.

Examples of Calibration gas in a sentence

  • Calibration gas cylinder identification, certification date, and certified concentration.

  • Calibration gas cylinder identi- fication, certification date, and cer- tified concentration.

  • Calibration gas type, gas quality, and traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

  • Calibration gas cylinders must be certified to an accuracy of 2 percent and traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.

  • Calibration gas mixtures shall meet the specifications in CFR 40, Part 51, Appendix P, Section 3.3, and Part 60, Appendix B, Performance Specification 2, Section 2.1; or shall meet equivalent specifications established by mutual agreement of the Air Pollution Control District, Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Agency.

More Definitions of Calibration gas

Calibration gas means a reference gas or gas mixture with assigned concentrations of CO, hexane, or CO2 that is used by a state inspector to check the accuracy of emissions analyzers.
Calibration gas means a known concentration of a gas in an appropriate diluent gas.
Calibration gas means a purified mixture of gases used to calibrate gas analyzers;
Calibration gas means the VOC compound used to adjust the instrument meter reading to a known value. The calibration gas is usually the reference compound at a known concentration approximately equal to the leak definition concentration.
Calibration gas means the gas mixture containing NOX at a known concentration and produced and certified in accordance with “EPA Traceability Protocol for Assay and Certification of Gaseous Calibration Standards,” September 1997, as amended August 25, 1999, EPA-600/R-97/121 or more recent updates. The tests for analyzer calibration error, drift, and system bias require the use of calibration gas prepared according to this protocol. If a zero gas is used for the low-level gas, it must meet the requirements under the definition for “zero air material” in 40 CFR 72.2 in place of being prepared by the traceability protocol.
Calibration gas means a reference gas or gas mixture of precisely defined concentration used as a comparative standard in the calibration of air analyzers;
Calibration gas means a gas of known composition and concentration, certified to within ∀ two percent by the manufacturer or, if laboratory blended, an independent analysis has been performed.