CAGR definition

CAGR means compounded annual growth rate, and shall be expressed as a percentage (rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent 0.1%) and shall be calculated for a performance period using the following formula:

Examples of CAGR in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, in connection with any such assumption, continuation or substitution, the Change in Control Transaction Determined Units are automatically converted into a time-based vesting award and the Company CAGR performance goals shall no longer apply.

  • If the Company’s CAGR (as defined below) is equal to 100% of the CAGR of the Index, 100% of the Target Number of Performance Units are eligible to vest.

  • As soon as practicable upon the Performance & Service Period End Date or within the 90-day period thereafter, the Committee will determine the applicable number of Performance Units that will vest based on the Company’s CAGR as measured versus the CAGR of the Index as described in Section 2 of this Attachment I, and such determinations will be final and binding on the Participant.

  • For every percentage that the Company’s CAGR is below the CAGR of the Index, 4% of the Target Number of Performance Units are not eligible to vest.

  • Subject to the Payout Cap (as defined below), for each percentage that the Company’s CAGR exceeds the CAGR of the Index, an additional 4% of the Target Number of Performance Units are eligible to vest.

More Definitions of CAGR

CAGR is the compound average growth rate of the Company over the Measurement Period, as measured by use of the Adjusted Share Price for both the initial and final measurement dates.
CAGR means the year over year growth rate over a specified period of time. This is calculated by dividing the value of the figure at the end of the period in question by its value at the beginning of that period, raising the result to the power of one divided by the period length, and subtracting one from the subsequent result ((Current Value/Base Value)^(1/# of years) – 1).• 407 EDG: 407 East Extension (Phase 1).The 407 East Development Group (the “407 EDG”), in which the Group holds a 50 per cent. interest, is the first project in North America under the availability payment scheme, with no toll rates or traffic risk. This concession is 35 kilometres long and will be a key factor for the economic development of the eastern part of the city of Toronto (more than 13,000 new jobs have been created). In June 2016, the toll road was opened to traffic.• 407 Black Bird: 407 East Extension (Phase 2)The 407 East Extension (Phase 2) is a prolongation of the 407 East Extension (Phase 1) toll road. This concession is 32 kilometres long. The concession was opened to traffic by segments, the first one being opened in 2018. The full opening took place in November 2019. Cintra holds a 50 per cent. stake in the concession.United States• Managed lanes
CAGR shall have the meaning set forth on Exhibit A to this Agreement.
CAGR. ’ means compound annual average growth rate.