Blast definition

Blast or "Blasting" means:
Blast means the detonation of explosives by an operator for a mineral extraction operation.
Blast or “Blasting” means the use of explosives, or chemicals, for the purpose of moving, displacing or breaking rock or other material;

Examples of Blast in a sentence

  • Percent of 8th grade Career Blast participants passing from 8th grade to 9th grade.* 95% (N=1179) 95% 100% (N=975/975) Percent of previous Career Blast participants passing from 9th grade to 10th grade.** 95% (N=1228) 95% 97% (N=1176/1212) Percent of seniors self-reporting plans to attend either a 2-year or 4-year college after graduation.

  • Promising Practice/Model Program/Evidence-Based Practice Employed: Career Blast is a locally developed program that provides College and Career planning and preparation knowledge for students and parents.

  • Installation Date: Yes No Wireless Routers Yes No Installation Charge 844e Deposit Required Blast Telephone ONT: 803 ONT: 812 NorthStream Fiber, powered by Roseau Electric Cooperative, Inc.

More Definitions of Blast

Blast means any planned or unplanned detonation(s) of an explosive(s) being initiated simultaneously by a single energy source.
Blast or "Blasting" means the firing of explosive materials for such purposes as breaking rock or other material, moving material, or generating seismic waves and the assembly of explosive materials for such purposes.
Blast or "Blasting" means the lighting, igniting, firing or discharging of gunpowder, stumping powder, dynamite, guncotton, nitro-glycerine, or any other explosive substance or mixture for the purpose of moving, breaking, disturbing, loosening or splitting of any material, substance or thing, or for any purpose whatsoever.
Blast. (or “shot”) means the act of detonating explosive materials joined by a shared initiation system and a single firing device;
Blast that timing analysis software for Systems Level applications known by the name "BLAST"'or "BLAST FOR SYSTEMS", as it exists on the Effective Date, in source code and object code forms, including all files, manuals, flow charts, libraries, documentation and comments that form a part of, describe the use of or are necessary for the use of such software. The foregoing shall not, however, include any code licensed from third parties other than Synopsys and its Affiliates, if any. BLAST does not include SLAM.
Blast means a wave of highly compressed air spreading outward from an explosion in connection with any Blasting under this Bylaw.
Blast means the controlled detonation of explosives or explosive materials to break or move, or both, rock or other materials.