Blanket Order definition

Blanket Order means the agreement wherein a vendor will sell certain items to the Township for an agreed period of time with established terms and conditions.
Blanket Order means an Order where Deliverables are ordered over a period of time by means of Releases issued from time to time under such Blanket Order, or, as the case may be, via amendments on the face of such Blanket Order.
Blanket Order means one of two order methods, also known as "Bus Route" (the other method being Purchase Order, e.g., Spot Buy, defined below) which may be used by Applied in ordering Items from Supplier, as described in Section 2.1.5.

Examples of Blanket Order in a sentence

Unless otherwise specified, all unused Blanket Order quantities and/or unexpended funds shall be automatically canceled on the expiration of the specified term.

Any Purchase or Blanket Order awarded as a result of this bid is subject to the provisions of the New York State Labor Law and the Contractor will be required to pay the prevailing wage rate as published by the New York State Department of Labor.

Upon receipt of the signed acknowledgment copy of any Purchase or Blanket Order by the Department of Purchase issued hereunder, bid security will be returned.

The Director reserves the right to cancel the Blanket Order or Purchase Order issued via the award of this sealed bid, in whole or in part without reason provided that the contractor is given at least thirty (30) days written notice that, on or after a date therein specified, the contract shall be deemed terminated and canceled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any Blanket Order initiated from this bid shall be non-exclusive and the NHCC SHALL NOT BE BOUND TO PURCHASE, and no items are to be delivered without a Delivery Order.

More Definitions of Blanket Order

Blanket Order means Blanket Order 96-501;
Blanket Order means an arrangement under which a purchaser contracts with a vendor to provide the purchaser's requirements for an item(s) or a service, on an as-required and often over-the-counter basis. Such an arrangement sets a limit on the period of time it is valid and the maximum amount of money which may be spent at one time or within a specified period. (Usually, but not always, the funds for agency blanket orders will be encumbered.)
Blanket Order means a contract for the purchase of Goods and/or Services which will be required frequently or repetitively, and which establishes prices or a method for determining prices, terms and conditions and the period of time during which a vendor agrees to provide Goods and/or Services to the purchaser upon the purchaser’s demand in accordance with said prices, terms and conditions.
Blanket Order means an Order there NAL authorizes the Supplier to provide Services and/or Goods up to a specified level of authority with details such as pricing, quantity and delivery may be provided subsequently by NAL.
Blanket Order means an Order which does not set forth a Delivery Date or Shipping Date in respect of the Hardware, and which identifies the minimum quantity of Hardware to be ordered by Purchaser from Nortel during the period commencing September 1st 1999 and ending August 31st 2000.
Blanket Order means an Order which does not set forth a Delivery Date.
Blanket Order means an Order which does not set forth a Shipping Date and/or specific quantities.