Product Order definition

Product Order is the form used by the Parties to effect a Transaction in the form of Exhibit A, Exhibit B or as otherwise agreed by the Parties, specifying the terms of such Transaction, including the following: (1) the Product including a description of the Environmental Attributes in the Product, (2) the quantity to be purchased and sold; (3) the Purchase Price; (4) the Delivery Dates; and, (5) if necessary in accordance with the terms of the Transaction, (a) the Vintages; (b) the Renewable Energy Facility or Facilities from which the Product is to be generated; (c) the Certification Authority; and (d) the Verification Provider.
Product Order means a document that has been (i) executed by Licensee describing each Licensed Software license to be purchased, and (ii) accepted by Licensor. Licensor will accept the Product Order by either confirming Licensor’s acceptance in writing or by delivering the Licensed Software to Licensee, whichever occurs first. A Product Order may also mean a written quote, or if referred to as such, a solution order, issued by Licensor describing each Licensed Software license purchased that is accepted by Licensee within the validity period of the quote either by Licensee executing and returning the quote or a solution order, to Licensor, by Licensee issuing a purchase order or other written confirmation of acceptance to Licensor in conformance with the quote, and/or by Licensee paying to Licensor all fees set forth in the quote. Each Product Order shall constitute a separate agreement and shall incorporate therein this License Agreement. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions of this License Agreement and the terms and conditions of any Product Order, the conflicting terms and conditions of the Product Order shall govern. In no event shall any terms and conditions contained in a purchase order or similar document issued by Licensee in connection with this License Agreement or with a Product Order apply and any such document issued shall be only for the administrative purposes of identifying the Licensed Software ordered, the number of licenses, and the price to be paid and shall have no other legal effect. Licensor for purposes of this paragraph shall mean Licensor or, if applicable, one of Licensor’s authorized resellers from whom Licensee purchases the Licensed Software, provided however that any conflicting or additional terms in a Product Order accepted by an authorized reseller of Licensor shall have no effect unless such terms have been agreed by Licensor in writing.
Product Order is the form used by the Parties to effect a Transaction substantially in the form of Exhibit A specifying the terms of such Transaction.

Examples of Product Order in a sentence

  • Licensee’s Sentinel deployment is licensed for a Total Events Per Second (Total EPS) rate not to exceed the total purchased EPS rate or Event Source Devices limits stated in your Product Order.

  • For payment of the applicable non-refundable license fees identified on the Product Order and subject to Licensee’s compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this License Agreement, Licensor grants solely to Licensee, as an end user, a personal, perpetual (unless a subscription/term license has been purchased by Licensee), non-transferable, non-sublicensable and non-exclusive license to use the Licensed Software solely for its own internal use and benefit.

  • Where Licensee purchases support and/or maintenance services, Licensee’s initial support and/or maintenance term will begin upon delivery to Licensee of the Licensed Software and continue for one (1) year thereafter (or the length of the term if less than a year for any subscription/term license) unless otherwise specified in the applicable annual support and/or maintenance agreement, Product Order, or other written agreement executed between Licensor and Licensee.

  • The license is granted on a per User, per Managed Identity, or per FTES basis (i.e. unique directory object) as defined in the Licensor’s Identity Manager XXXX and Product Order.

  • The applicable License Option and license count to be purchased by Licensee for the Licensed Software shall be identified in the Product Order or otherwise identified in writing by Licensor.

More Definitions of Product Order

Product Order means a document that has been (i) executed by Licensee describing each Licensed Software license to be purchased, and
Product Order means the order, in the form prescribed by Capita, submitted by Customer for one or more Products and accepted by Capita and which incorporates these Master Terms, the applicable Product Terms and, if applicable, the Professional Services Terms.
Product Order means an agreement between Licensor and Licensee that consists of a document that has been
Product Order means Buyer’s order of materials from Seller.
Product Order means a written purchase order from Subscriber for GeoConex® Products.
Product Order means the purchase or delivery order describing each Licensed Software license purchased.
Product Order has the meaning set forth in Section 10.1.