Limit Order definition

Limit Order means an order to buy or sell a financial instrument at its specified price limit or better and for a specified size;
Limit Order shall have the meaning as set out in paragraph 2.3 of the Appendix hereunder.
Limit Order means an order to execute a trade at a specific price or a better one.

Examples of Limit Order in a sentence

  • If you instruct us in respect of a Limit Order for the purchase of any Equity Securities, you will ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to meet that Limit Order.

  • We will not restrict you from subsequently entering further instructions which may result in insufficient funds for a Limit Order to be executed.

  • Unless you notify us to the contrary, we shall not immediately make public any Limit Order in respect of shares admitted to trading on an EEA regulated Market which is not immediately executed under prevailing market conditions.

  • If you wish to cancel a Limit Order before its execution or expiry, subject to Applicable Regulations the order remains valid until you receive a confirmation of cancellation of that order from us.

More Definitions of Limit Order

Limit Order means an Order which will be executed when the price of a Market reaches a price which is more favorable to you than Our Price at the time you place the Order.
Limit Order means a request submitted to the Exchange to buy or sell a set number of contracts, in a particular product offered by Nadex, at a specified price or better price if a better price is available. The following are permissible Nadex Limit Order types, although certain order types may only be available on particular platforms or to particular Member types:
Limit Order means an order entered on to the Order Book at a specified price and for a specified size which will execute at that price or better, any residual is retained on the Order Book unless designated as an immediate order; if not an immediate order the residual remains until withdrawn or filled;
Limit Order means a Client’s request to buy or sell a financial asset when the market price reaches the price specified in the order. The price indicated in Limit Order is always better than the current market price.
Limit Order means an order to exchange money at a specified exchange rate and within a specified time period.
Limit Order has the meaning set out in clause 8.1(c);
Limit Order means an instruction to buy or sell a financial instrument at a specified price or better.