Benefits Paid definition

Benefits Paid. Current: _ Prepaid: _ Waiting period: _____(default 90 days) Medical Rates - Florida Plan Employee EE/Spouse EE/Child (ren) EE/Family Only --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- BC/BS BCP15 --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- BC/BS BCP9 --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- BC/BS BCP 2 --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- BC/BS BCP A6 --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- PHCS PPO --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- Company Medical Contribution Table Xxxx # Xxxx # Xxxx # Xxxx # --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- Employee Only --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- EE/Spouse --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- EE/Child(ren) --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- EE/Family --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- Dental Rates Plan Employee EE/Spouse EE/Child (ren) EE/Family Only --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- American - Prepaid --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- American - Shenan --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- Prudential Dental --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- Company Dental Contribution Xxxxx Xxxx # Xxxx # Xxxx # Xxxx # --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- Employee Only --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- EE/Family --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- Vision Rates Plan Employee EE/Spouse EE/Child (ren) EE/Family Only --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- --------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------- Company Vision Contribution Xxxxx Xxxx # Xxxx # Xxxx # ...
Benefits Paid are withdrawals (including any applicable Withdrawal Charges) and amounts applied to an Annuity Option. If a Benefit Paid from your Contract is not payable to the Owner's Bank account (or Annuitant's bank account if the Owner is a nonnatural person) or results in cumulative Benefits Paid for the current Contract Year exceeding the Annual Benefit Payment, and the resulting Benefit Base exceeds the Contract Value, an additional reduction in the Benefit Base will be made. This additional reduction will be equal to the difference between the Benefit Base and the Contract Value after the decrease for Benefits Paid. The Benefit Base will also be reset as a result of an Automatic or Optional Reset as described below.

Examples of Benefits Paid in a sentence

  • Provided that treatment by a qualified, licensed Physician begins within 60 days from the date of Injury, benefits will be paid for Covered Medical Expenses incurred within 52 weeks from the date of Injury up to the Maximum Benefit per service as shown below.SCHEDULE OF BENEFITS: Maximum Benefits Paid As Specified Below.

  • The benefits that are payable under this provision are subject to HNL’s right to recovery as described in “Recovery of Benefits Paid by HNL Under A Surrogate Parenting Agreement” in the "Specific Provisions" section of this Policy.

  • Refund of Benefits Paid by Third-PartiesIf the Company pays benefits for expenses incurred on account of a Covered Person, the Subscriber or any other person or organization that was paid must make a refund to the Company if all or some of the expenses were recovered from or paid by a source other than the Policy as a result of claims against a third party for negligence, wrongful acts or omissions.

  • Failure of a Participant to comply with the requirements of this section may result in the pending of the payment of Benefits.1. Right to Recover Benefits Paid in ErrorIf the Plan makes a payment in error on behalf of a Participant or an assignee of a Participant to which the Participant is not entitled, or if the Plan pays a claim that is not covered, the Plan has the right to recover the payment from the person paid or anyone else who benefited from the payment.

  • Overtime Calculation with Fringe Benefits Paid to Bona Fide PlansFor overtime purposes, an employer paying higher fringe benefits to a bona fide plan and paying a lower hourly rate MUST calculate the overtime on the higher hourly rate as stated in the contract’s wage decision.

  • Unspecified Benefits is the small plan Benefits Paid (line 2e)—Schedule I does not specify any benefit payment detail.

  • How Are Benefits Paid When This Plan is Secondary to Medicare?If This Plan is secondary to Medicare, then Benefits payable under This Plan will be based on Medicare's reduced benefits.

  • General Accounting Office, Issues Concerning Social Security Benefits Paid to Aliens, GAO/HRD-83-32, Mar.

  • Data on the total Social Security beneficiary and retired-worker populations used in these calculations are from SSA, OCACT, “ Benefits Paid By Type Of Beneficiary,”

  • How Are Benefits Paid When This Plan is Secondary?If this Plan is secondary, it determines the amount it will pay for a Covered Health Services by following the steps below.

Related to Benefits Paid

  • Compensation and Benefits Programs means all compensation and benefit plans, policies, and programs of the Debtors, and all amendments and modifications thereto, applicable to the Debtors’ employees, former employees, retirees, and non-employee directors and the employees, former employees and retirees of their subsidiaries, including all savings plans, retirement plans, health care plans, disability plans, and incentive plans, deferred compensation plans, and life, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance plans.

  • Health benefits plan means a benefits plan which pays or

  • Termination Compensation means a monthly cash amount equal to one-twelfth ( 1/12th) of the highest amount of the annual cash compensation (including cash bonuses and other cash-based compensation, including for these purposes amounts earned or payable whether or not deferred) received by Executive during any one of the three (3) calendar years immediately preceding the calendar year in which Executive’s Termination Date occurs; provided, that if the cash compensation received by Executive during the Termination Year exceeds the highest amount of the annual cash compensation received by Executive during any one of the immediately preceding three (3) consecutive calendar years, the cash compensation received by Executive during the Termination Year shall be deemed to be Executive’s highest amount of annual cash compensation. In no event shall Executive’s Termination Compensation include equity-based compensation (e.g., income realized as a result of Executive’s exercise of non-qualified stock options or other stock based benefits).

  • Medical Benefits means the monthly fair market value of benefits provided to the Employee and the Employee’s dependents under the major medical, dental and vision benefit plans sponsored and maintained by the Partnership, at the level of coverage in effect for such persons immediately prior to the Employee’s termination of employment date. The “monthly fair market value” of such benefits shall be equal to the monthly cost (including any applicable administrative fee) to the Employee as if the Employee elected COBRA continuation coverage at the level of coverage in effect at such time for the Employee and the Employee’s dependents at their own expense.

  • Retiree means an individual who has qualified for an allowance under this

  • Pharmacy benefits management means the administration or management of prescription drug

  • Welfare Benefits means the types of benefits described in Section 3(1) of ERISA (whether or not covered by ERISA).

  • Special compensation means payment to an adult foster care facility to ensure the provision of a specialized program in addition to the basic payment for adult foster care. Special compensation does not include payment received directly from the Medicaid program for personal care services for a resident, or payment received under the supplemental security income program.

  • Compensation Plans shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.11(b).

  • Health Benefits means health maintenance organization, insured or self-funded medical, dental, vision, prescription drug and behavioral health benefits.

  • Cancellation Compensation means an amount payable by a Participating Dealer in respect of a default, as set out in the Trust Deed and in the Operating Guidelines applicable at the time the relevant Creation Application or Redemption Application is made.

  • Compensation and Benefit Plans has the meaning set forth in Section 5.03(m).

  • Severance Plan means any severance plan maintained by the Company that is applicable to the Participant.

  • Retiree Health Plan means an "employee welfare benefit plan" within the meaning of Section 3(1) of ERISA that provides benefits to individuals after termination of their employment, other than as required by Section 601 of ERISA.

  • Cafeteria plan means a written plan under which all participants are employees, and the participants may choose among two or more benefits consisting of cash and qualified benefits.

  • Retirement Plans means the retirement income, supplemental executive retirement, excess benefits and retiree medical, life and similar benefit plans providing retirement perquisites, benefits and service credit for benefits at least as great in value in the aggregate as are payable thereunder prior to a Change in Control.

  • SERP has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 5(c) hereof.

  • Health and Welfare Benefits means any form of insurance or similar benefit programs, including, but not limited to, medical, hospitalization, surgical, prescription drug, dental, optical, psychiatric, life, disability, prepaid legal, or income protection insurance, or annuity programs.

  • Salaried Employee means any salaried employee of the Company or of any Affiliate.

  • Pharmacy benefits manager means a person that performs pharmacy benefits management.

  • Former Employees means a former member of management of Icahn Enterprises (or any of its Subsidiaries (including any Guarantors)), other than the Principal, who voluntarily or upon any other termination is no longer employed by any of Icahn Enterprises or any of its Subsidiaries (including any Guarantors) and who holds Equity Interests that are required to be redeemed or purchased pursuant to any contractual requirements upon such termination of employment.

  • Bereavement Pay Benefits means the benefits as set out in Article II hereof.

  • Hourly employee means an employee who is compensated on an hourly basis for each hour of work performed, including time worked beyond 40 hours in a workweek.

  • income-related employment and support allowance means an income-related allowance under Part 1 of the Welfare Reform Act 2007;

  • Disability Support Pension means the pension available under the Commonwealth pension scheme to provide income security for persons with a disability as provided under the Social Security Act 1991, as amended from time to time, or any successor to that scheme.

  • Continuing care retirement community means, as stated in RCW 70.38.025, an entity which provides shelter and services under continuing care contracts with its mem- bers and which sponsors or includes a health care facility or a health service.