Bag definition

Bag means a flexible packaging made of paper, plastics film, textiles, woven material or other suitable material;
Bag means 60 kilogrammes or 132.276 pounds of green coffee; tonne means a mass of 1,000 kilogrammes or 2,204.6 pounds; and pound means 453.597 grammes.
Bag means the DHB Bipartite Action Group established pursuant to clause 1.2 and Appendix 1A.

Examples of Bag in a sentence

  • Heinz Wattie’s LimitedPrivate Bag 99920Newmarket Auckland Telephone: 09 308 5000Contact: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEmail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Confidential personal information.

  • Adams, JD, Gucci Plaintiffs Bag Settlement in Excessive Fee Suit, Nat’l Assoc.

  • TWA had been using Positive Bag Match, for the past 8 1/2 years, prior to the TWA 800 accident.

  • Each bag leak detection system that works based on the triboelectric effect must be installed, calibrated, operated, and maintained consistent with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidance document "Fabric Filter Bag Leak Detection Guidance" (EPA-454/R-98-015, September 1997)*.

  • Positive Bag Match is a procedure(s) which requires that all bags loaded on to an airplane, must have been identified as belonging to a passenger who has been confirmed as having boarded the airplane, prior to that airplane being permitted to depart.

More Definitions of Bag

Bag means a container holding a volume up to 66 cm x 91 cm or 77 litre equivalent.
Bag means a plastic bag typically used to Dispose of Collectable Solid Waste, equal to or less than 0.66 m wide and 1.0 m high.
Bag means a bag made from suitable material;
Bag or "packet" means a container in the form of a sack or pouch usually made from a flexible
Bag means either a locked bag or a private bag, as the case may be, supplied and/or approved by Australia Post for use in the service.
Bag means a polystyrene plastic bag measuring not than 30” x 38” (76 cm x 96 cm) of 1.5 gauge thickness securely fastened and closed at the top.