Metal definition

Metal means metal products in the form of food containers, beverage cans, tin foil wrap, propane bottles and tanks not exceeding 30 pounds and foil trays.
Metal means any metal, base metal, alloy, gold, silver or any other material which may be prescribed by the Government for the purpose of any coin;

Examples of Metal in a sentence

  • Comply with NAAMM's "Metal Finishes Manual for Architectural and Metal Products" for recommendations for applying and designating finishes.

  • Metal analysis must be completed during each reporting period whether or not sewage sludge is removed from the facility and applied to the land.

  • Metal Surfaces, General: Provide materials with smooth, flat surfaces unless otherwise indicated.

  • Metal Enclosures: Steel, finished inside and out with manufacturer's standard enamel.

  • On any date, such pool is expected to comprise an amount of the relevant Precious Metal no less than the aggregate of the Per Certificate Entitlement to such Precious Metal for all outstanding Certificates of such Series.

More Definitions of Metal

Metal means any metal contained in a Mineral.
Metal means discarded metal suitable for reprocessing.
Metal means iron, steel, tin, aluminum, copper, and their alloys, including scrap metal and products made of these metals, like containers, building materials, and plumbing materials.
Metal means, in respect of a Series of ETC Securities, the physical metal to which such Series is linked, which may be any of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper or Nickel, as specified in the Final Terms relating to such Series.
Metal means any and all of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
Metal means Silver.