Carton definition

Carton means a box or container of any kind in which ten or more packages or packs of cigarettes or tobacco products are offered for sale, sold, or otherwise distributed to consumers.
Carton means the package or wrapping in which a number of containers are shipped or stored.
Carton or “carton of cigarettes” means, unless otherwise indicated, a carton of two hundred (200) cigarettes.

Examples of Carton in a sentence

Armco Steel Corp., 91 F.R.D. 376, 379 (D.Kan.1980); In re Folding Carton Antitrust Litig., 83 F.R.D. 260, 264 (N.D.Ill.1979); Allianz Ins.

Carton (Case) Marking Requirement: All shipping cartons shall be marked in accordance with Federal Standard No. 123f as amended, and as modified by these terms and conditions.

In case of any conflict between Carton specifications and packets per carton specification (Last column of this table), the specification of the packets / carton shall prevail.

Stickers containing the manufacturer's serial number and barcode printing of the serial number with one number should be stuck outside the Carton box, in the Warranty manual and in the acknowledgement form.

Carton items must be furnished on pallets and be shrink-wrapped for protection in shipping.

More Definitions of Carton

Carton means 10 packs of cigarettes, each containing 20 cigarettes or eight packs, each containing
Carton means a container of two hundred (200) Cigarettes, whether consisting of either eight or ten Packs.
Carton means a container that contains Cigarette Packages and associated materials including, but not limited to, inserts and onserts (e.g., ten (10) packages of twenty (20) Cigarettes each).
Carton means a single package containing one month’s supply of Product for a single patient, comprising 30 capsules of Product.
Carton means the container used by the manufacturer of cigarettes in which no more than 10 packages of cigarettes are placed prior to shipment from such manufacturer.
Carton means a large cardboard container or box in which goods are packed in smaller containers.
Carton means a package containing packages of a tobacco product, or a package designed to contain packages of a tobacco product, but does not include a package containing individually-wrapped cigars (unless the package contains a further package or packages of the cigars);