Incinerator definition

Incinerator means any enclosed device that:
Incinerator means a combustion apparatus designed for high temperature operation in which solid, semisolid, liquid, or gaseous combustible wastes are ignited and burned efficiently and from which the solid and gaseous residues contain little or no combustible material.
Incinerator means any furnace used in the process of burning waste for the primary purpose of reducing the volume of the waste by removing combustible matter.

Examples of Incinerator in a sentence

  • This year, each symbol takes on new meaning as we also use them to tell the story of the Curtis Bay Incinerator.

  • HEALY;OREN DABNEY, In his official capacity as Director of Jersey City Incinerator Authority; JOHN YURCHAK, In his official capacity as Director ofJersey City Department of Public Works; DANIEL BECHT, Executive Director ofJersey City Municipal Utilities Authority;BAYONNE MUNICIPAL UTILITIES AUTHORITY;CARLOS M.

  • Though the Curtis Bay Incinerator is a particularly Baltimore issue, our haggadah also speaks to larger issues beyond this city.

  • Incinerator: An apparatus for burning waste material, especially industrial waste, at high temperatures until it is reduced to ash.

  • Shen, Fern, “Battle over South Baltimore Trash Incinerator Re-Igniting,” Baltimore Brew, August 30, 2012, available at

More Definitions of Incinerator

Incinerator means any single or multiple-chambered combustion device that burns combustible material, alone or with a supplemental fuel or catalytic combustion assistance, primarily for the purpose of removal, destruction, disposal, or volume reduction of all or any portion of the input material.
Incinerator means a furnace used primarily for the thermal destruction of waste.
Incinerator means a device designed to burn solid, liquid, or gaseous waste material.
Incinerator means any enclosed device of which the following is true:
Incinerator means an enclosed combustion device that thermally oxidizes volatile organic compounds to carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The term does not include devices that burn municipal or hazardous waste material.
Incinerator means any structure or furnace in which combustion takes place, the primary purpose of which is the reduction in volume and weight of an unwanted material.
Incinerator means any furnace used in the process of burning solid waste, except for a furnace owned and operated by law enforcement agencies solely to dispose of ammunition, fireworks or similar flammable or explosive materials.