Wildlife officer definition

Wildlife officer means a full-time employee of the department of natural resources who is designated a wildlife officer under section 1531.13 of the Revised Code and is in compliance with section 109.77 of the Revised Code.
Wildlife officer means any individual authorized by a participating state to issue a

Examples of Wildlife officer in a sentence

  • That is a lot of grasshoppers eaten by the hole flock in one day! I asked an officer from Birds Australia, Chris Tzaros (ex-Land for Wildlife officer) his opinion and his reply follo s - “I've often seen both species of ibis foraging in pastures, particularly in inter, but also in other seasons hen conditions allo (e.g. irrigated pastures during summer).

  • Also, with assistance from Sarah Robinson, our Farming & Wildlife officer, she has been visiting members of the 'Pendle Hill Farmer Network' to identify boundaries that individual farmers are keen to restore which coincide, or add to, our priority list of boundaries.

  • These convictions followed trial on stipulated facts held on September 27, 2019.On April 30, 2017 the Petitioners, father and son, were found on Copalis Beach in Grays Harbor County by a state Fish and Wildlife officer harvesting razor clams with an overlimit number of razor clams in their clam bags.

  • The Wildlife officer has no objection to the granting of outline planning permission subject to an adequate financial contribution being secured towards the management of Eye Green Gravel Pit LNR, CWS & SSSI along with the provision of further details at the relevant planning stage as set out above.

  • This will include a Programme Manager, Farming and Wildlife officer, Heritage & Community Engagement officer, and Programme Support officer.

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Wildlife officer means an officer of the Department designated as a wildlife officer under section 45(1)(a). [Section 3 amended by No. 113 of 1987 s. 32; No. 20 of 1991 s. 4; No. 49 of 1993 s. 4; No. 14 of 1996 s. 4; No. 5 of 1997 s. 4; No. 35 of 2000 s. 4; No. 74 of 2003 s. 39(2).]
Wildlife officer means any individ- ual authorized by a party state to issue a ci- tation for a wildlife violation.
Wildlife officer means any person appointed or empowered by Government in this behalf to carry out all or any of the purpose of this Act, or to do anything required by this Act or any rule made there under;
Wildlife officer means a person authorised under regulation 58; “within devolved competence”—
Wildlife officer means an Officer or a member of other ranks in the wildlife forces.
Wildlife officer means any person authorized by a participating