Merit Protection Act definition

Merit Protection Act means the Merit Protection (Australian Government Employees) Act 1984 of the Commonwealth;

Examples of Merit Protection Act in a sentence

  • The Merit Protection Act, part 2, division 7 applies in relation to a review under this section of a promotion in the same way as it applies to a review of a decision under part 2, division 3 of that Act.

  • As a result of the curfews and closures, unemployment and poverty in the H-2 area has increased.20In June 2002, the Israeli government began construction of the Wall, the bulk of which intrudes into the West Bank.

  • Alternative sanctions consist of forfeiture or restriction of the rights listed in Article 131-6 of the French Criminal Code,50 community service or a daily fine.

  • If the government has not sought the views of the Merit Protection Commissioner, why not?These protections are currently provided in sections 80 and 82 of the Merit Protection Act.

  • The Merit Protection Act continues in force to allow for the preparation of a report on the Agency’s operations during the62 Public Employment (Consequential and Transitional)Transitional provisions relating to the application of the Merit Protection Part 4 Regulation 4.22 period starting on 1 July 1999 and ending at the commencing time.

  • The Defendant claimed, and the District Court agreed, that there was a requirement that the Plaintiffs exhaust administrative remedies under the District of Columbia Comprehensive Merit Protection Act.

  • The pro- gramme is based on SC UKs 30 year experience of working in Amhara, combining relief and development resources to protect and restore assets while strengthening the institutional capacity of community and local governments to prevent further destitution.

  • The District of Columbia claimed, and the District Court agreed, that there was a requirement that the Appellants exhaust administrative remedies under the District of Columbia Comprehensive Merit Protection Act.

  • They argued in their petitions that they were terminated without cause which is a violation of the Comprehensive Merit Protection Act.

  • Until a determination is made under section 53 of the new Act, the appointment is taken to be subject to the terms and conditions applying to the person’s appointment under the Merit Protection Act immediately before the commencing time (including those provided for under Remuneration Tribunal Determination 1999/05).

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