Amusement definition

Amusement means any theater, motion picture house, cinema, athletic contest, exhibition, pageant, show, production, demonstration, play, performance, concert, musicale, recital, reading, circus, carnival, act, exhibit, lecture, address, nightclub, cabaret, dance, dance hall, restaurant which provides either floor show, singing, dancing, or dancing facilities for patrons, and ride or excursion where passengers are taken on and discharged within the county boundaries, and shooting galleries, as well as all mechanical or electrical devices operated for pleasure or skill where a fee is charged for admission or entrance or for the purpose of playing them, or where there is any charge whatever for them or in connection with them either directly or indirectly, where such games or devices are located in any amusement park or amusement center; provided, however, that actual play on coin operated machines of skill or chance is exempt from the provisions of this tax;
Amusement means the same as entertainment.
Amusement means any circus or carnival presented in the open, including a place where one or more mechanical amusement rides or devices capable of accommodating five or more persons are presented for amusement or entertainment purposes, and any circus, carnival or other portable show or exhibition presented under any single tent, air-supported plastic or fabric or other portable shelter, and involving the assembly of 100 or more persons.

Examples of Amusement in a sentence

Power Plant, Tunnels, Amusement Park, Athletic Stadium Site Work ,Pollution Control,Sewer Plant, Waste Plant, & Water Treatment Facilities, Construction.

Division of Labor – Amusement Rides and Amusement Attraction Safety Fund (WV Code Chapter 21) Fund 3192 FY 2018 Org 0308 Personal Services and Employee Benefits...............................

Division of Labor – Amusement Rides and Amusement Attraction Safety Fund (WV Code Chapter 21) Fund 3192 FY 2019 Org 0308 Personal Services and Employee Benefits...............................

Amusement and recreation services including but not limited to golf, pool, billiards, skating, bowling, swimming, bungee jumping, ski lifts and tows, basketball, racquet ball, handball, squash, tennis, batting cages, day trips for sightseeing purposes, and others, when provided to consumers.

Amusement centre means a building used primarily for the purpose of providing amusement machines for operation or viewing by the public.

More Definitions of Amusement

Amusement. – means of or pertaining to entertainment, amusement or pastime designed to provide a pleasant diversion or distraction, and shall include, but will not be limited to:
Amusement means a contest, dance, entertainment, exhibition, game, performance, program, show, riding device or amusement ride; (« divertissement »)
Amusement means any thing usually conducted for amusement at a fair, a carnival or a show, whether conducted at a fair, a carnival or a show or elsewhere.
Amusement means an entertainment that is applied to activities, where no prize or where equal prizes are given by the operator/agent to each participant, whether or not the object is accomplished. An example may include, but is not limited to, electronic amusement games, or any pleasurable activity where a player places a stake, in the anticipation of little or no reward.
Amusement means and includes the provision of exhibitive entertainment, including, but not by way of limitation, the following activities and sports: any theatrical, dramatic, musical or artistic performance; motion picture show or movie; video or videotape; digital versatile disk (DVD); subscription video programming services; carnival; and athletic contest, sport or game, including, but not limited to, archery, shooting galleries and shooting ranges, boxing, wrestling, skating, dancing, swimming, racing or riding animals or vehicles, baseball, basketball, softball, football, tennis, racquetball, handball, golf, hockey, track and field games, soccer, rugby, bowling, billiards and pool games.
Amusement means all manner and form of entertainment within the City including among others, the following: theatrical performance, operatic performance, carnival, circus, show, concert, lecture, swimming pool, vaudeville show, side show, amusement park and all forms of entertainment therein, dancing and any other form of diversion, pastime or recreation for which admission is charged or paid. "Amusement" does not include any form of entertainment, the proceeds of which, after payment of reasonable expenses, inure exclusively to the benefit of religious, educational, governmental or charitable institutions that qualify as a purely public charity under the Pennsylvania Constitution, societies or veterans organizations or police or firemens pension organizations, or any form of entertainment conducted by a nonprofit organization or association exclusively for its members and their bona fide guests.