Recreation definition

Recreation means water access for fishing, swimming, boating, or similar. Recreation uses are water dependent only if use of the water is an integral part of the activity.
Recreation means an activity such as:
Recreation means those activities of a voluntary and leisure time nature that aid in promoting entertainment, pleasure, play, relaxation, or instruction.

Examples of Recreation in a sentence

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Resolution authorizing the Parks and Recreation Department to apply for a Gilchrist Foundation Project Grant in the amount of $200,000 to support the Chris Larsen Park – Riverfront Development Project.

Reading of the minutes of June 18, 2018, was waived and as part of the consent agenda the minutes were approved as presented.4. PARKS AND REC - Resolution fixing fees for services provided by the Parks and Recreation Department and rescinding Resolution No. 2018-0166.

CONE PARK - Resolution fixing fees for services provided by the Parks and Recre- ation Department at Cone Park and rescinding Resolution No. 2017-0602.2018-0500 Matt Salvatore, Parks and Recreation Director, provided information on the item.

More Definitions of Recreation

Recreation means the pursuit of leisure time activities occurring in an indoor or outdoor setting.
Recreation means an experience or activity in which an individual engages for personal enjoyment and satisfaction. Shore-based outdoor recreation includes but is not limited to fishing and duck hunting; various forms of boating, swimming, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, picnicking, watching or recording activities such as photography, painting, bird watching or viewing of water or shorelines, nature study and related activities.
Recreation means the youth’s free time to choose from activities that occupy the attention and offer the opportunity for relaxation. Such activities may include ping-pong, TV, reading, board games, and letter writing.
Recreation means the use of the land for relaxation, exercise or other enjoyable pastimes.
Recreation means voluntary participation in a physical or mental activity for enjoyment, improvement of general health, well-being and the development of skills of an individual;
Recreation means any indoor or outdoor game or activity, either organized or unorganized, undertaken for exercise, relaxation, diversion, sport or pleasure.
Recreation means one or more of the following: