Alteration definition

Alteration means the marking, changing or altering in a material way of the terms, meaning or legal effect of a document with the intent to deceive.
Alteration means, with respect to any Individual Property, any alteration, improvement, demolition, construction or removal of all or any portion of the Improvements at such Individual Property.
Alteration or “Alterations” shall mean any or all changes, additions (whether or not adjacent to or abutting any then existing buildings), expansions (whether or not adjacent to or abutting any then existing buildings), improvements, reconstructions, removals or replacements of any of the Improvements or Equipment, both interior or exterior, and ordinary and extraordinary.

Examples of Alteration in a sentence

  • Alteration of the grade levels served will require approval of a subsequent or supplemental charter school application to serve those additional grades.

  • The CDFW Grant Manager will not issue a Notice to Proceed until Grantee has secured all required permits including a CDFW Streambed Alteration Agreement (1600-2019-0275- R3) and a CDFW Fully Protected Species MOU/CESA 2081(a) MOU , provided copies of such permits to the CDFW Grant Manager, and secured Project Site Access (as defined in Section 6.03.2 of this Agreement) that the CDFW Grant Manager determines is adequate.

  • Alteration/ clearance work: Materials arising become the property of the Contractor except where otherwise stated.

  • Company Representative Name: Title: Signature: Date: Once this Participation Agreement is complete, attach a copy of your relevant Michigan Maintenance & Alteration Licenses to this application and submit.

More Definitions of Alteration

Alteration means a professional sterilization procedure performed by a veterinarian that renders a dog, cat, or ferret incapable of reproducing.
Alteration means (i) an unauthorized change in an instrument that purports to modify in any respect the obligation of a party, or (ii) an unauthorized addition of words or numbers or other change to an incomplete instrument relating to the obligation of a party.
Alteration means any and all alterations, installations, improvements, additions, modifications or changes of a structural nature of or to the Premises.
Alteration means (excepting ordinary repair and maintenance):
Alteration means work that changes the detail of a resource but does not change its basic size or shape.
Alteration means any change in the item described on the original manufacturer's data report which affects the pressure containing capability of the boiler or pressure vessel. Non physical changes such as an increase in the maximum allowable working pressure (internal or external) or design temperature of a boiler or pressure vessel shall be considered an alteration. A reduction in minimum temperature such that additional mechanical tests are required shall also be considered an alteration.
Alteration means an activity or action that causes a direct