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Activity of daily living or “ADL” means an activity or task that is essential to an individual’s health, welfare, and safety, including, but not limited to, bathing, dressing, eating, transfers, and bowel and bladder care;
Activity of daily living or “ADL” means any activity necessary for self care including bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring and feeding;
Activity of daily living means activities that individuals normally perform on their own behalf to maintain their health and well-being, and includes,

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  • As discussed in the 2017 Network Plan, modifications to 40 CFR Part 58 Appendix D effective April 27, 2016 removed the requirement to operate a lead monitor at NCore sites.

  • Activity of daily living staging, chronic health conditions, and perceived lack of home accessibility features for elderly people living in the community.

  • Activity of daily living (ADL) benefit triggers do not always specify how ADL impairment will be determined and what level of impairment (e.g., active human assistance, unable to perform) is required.

  • Ce biais est pris en compte dans la suite pour l’estimation de la vitesse du fluide dans la veine.

  • A total score of 0-100 is calculated for each of the following five subscales: Pain, Activity of daily living (ADL), Symptoms, Sport, and HRQOL.

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Activity of daily living means an activity that is oriented toward taking care of one's own body, including but not limited to bathing, showering, bowel and bladder management, dressing, eating, feeding, functional mobility, personal device care, personal hygiene and grooming, sexual activity, sleep, rest and toilet hygiene;
Activity of daily living means bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, walking, locomotion, transferring on to and off the toilet and toilet use, bed mobility, and eating. [(1)] (2) consumer means a medical assistance recipient who a social services district or MMCO has determined eligible to participate in the consumer directed personal assistance program. [(2)] (3) consumer directed personal assistance means the provision of assistance with personal care services, home health aide services and skilled nursing tasks by a consumer directed personal assistant under the instruction, supervision anddirection of a consumer or the consumer's designated representative. [(3)] (4) consumer directed personal assistant means an adult who provides consumer directed personal assistance to a consumer under the consumer'sinstruction, supervision and direction or under the instruction, supervision and direction of the consumer's designated representative. A person legally responsible for the consumer’s care and support, a consumer's spouse, [parent] or the consumer’s designated representative may not be the consumer directedpersonal assistant for that consumer; however, a consumer directed personal assistant may include any other adult relative of the consumer [who does not reside with the consumer or any other adult relative who resides with theconsumer because the amount of care the consumer requires makes such relative's presence necessary] provided that the district or MMCO determines that theservices provided by such relative are consistent with the consumer’s plan of care and that the aggregate cost for such services does not exceed the aggregate costs for equivalent services provided by a non-relative personal assistant.
Activity of daily living or “ADL” means any of the following seven activities used to assess an individual’s eligibility for nursing facility level of care: bathing, bed mobility, eating, dressing, locomotion, toileting and transfers. The ADLs shall be assessed according to the criteria set forth in N.J.A.C. 8:85-2.1(a).
Activity of daily living means ambulating, dressing, bathing, showering, grooming, preparing food, toileting, eating, drinking, communicating, or moving into or out of a bed or chair.
Activity of daily living means those activities recognized as activities of daily living by the evidence based validated assessment tool in accordance with section
Activity of daily living means any of the following:
Activity of daily living or “ADL” means a function or task for self-care that a person performs either independently or with supervision or assistance.