Accessed definition

Accessed means downloaded, extracted, scanned, read, or otherwise retrieved.
Accessed means to digitally retrieve or open an electronic file or data.
Accessed means that, with regard to a Resource, a User has obtained a Resource License by electronically viewing, downloading, printing or otherwise accessing a Resource. All Access is only permitted for the duration of the Service Term and is considered final; once Accessed, the Resource counts as a Resource License towards the Account’s overall Access Level for that Service Term. Once Accessed, a Resource may not be returned or refunded for any credit towards the remaining Access Level.

Examples of Accessed in a sentence

  • Accessed from This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Thesis/Dissertation Collections at RIT Scholar Works.

  • Accessed information may include “sensitive information” or other information not previously made available to the public that would be competitively useful on current or future related procurements.

  • Available at: DOI or URL (Accessed: date).EnquiriesIf you have questions about this document contact

  • NCBI Genomes., Accessed 6 Nov 2018.

  • Accessed fromThis Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by RIT Scholar Works.

  • Accessed from This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by RIT Scholar Works.

  • Accessed fromThis Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Thesis/Dissertation Collections at RIT Scholar Works.

  • AIDA - Asylum Information Database, "Belgium Country Report - 3rd Update", (February 2015), Accessed 30 June 2015, Available at: p.

  • Accessed online December 5, 2011, at usarc_goals_2009-10.pdf.

  • Accessed 6 December 2020.[2] Ministry of Health of the Republic of Somalia.

More Definitions of Accessed

Accessed means downloaded, extracted, scanned, read, or otherwise
Accessed usually means that there is some indication that the information has been:
Accessed means, with respect to a computer program or other materials, (a) to use or execute the computer program or other materials or (b) to use or otherwise benefit from the features or functionality of the computer program or other materials.
Accessed means downloaded, extracted, scanned, read or otherwise retrieved.

Related to Accessed

  • Internet Site means any site or service delivering Content on or through the Internet, including, without limitation, any on-line service such as America Online, Compuserve, Prodigy and the Microsoft Network.

  • Information processing system means an electronic system for creating, generating, sending, receiving, storing, displaying, or processing information.

  • Encrypted means the transformation of data into a form which results in a low probability of assigning meaning without the use of a protective process or key.

  • Data Site means an electronic password protected data site maintained by the Borrower (or by the Collateral Manager on behalf of Borrower) at Xxxxxxx Corporation, Intralinks, SyndTrak Online or any other similar electronic distribution system reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent.

  • Web Site means any point of presence maintained on the Internet or on any other public data network. With respect to any Website maintained on the World Wide Web, such Website includes all HTML pages (or similar unit of information presented in any relevant data protocol) that either (a) are identified by the same second-level domain (such as or by the same equivalent level identifier in any relevant address scheme, or (b) contain branding, graphics, navigation or other characteristics such that a user reasonably would conclude that the pages are part of an integrated information or service offering.

  • User Data means all data, information and other content of any type and in any format, medium or form, whether audio, visual, digital, screen, GUI or other, that is input, uploaded to, placed into or collected, stored, processed, generated or output by any device, system or network by or on behalf of the State, including any and all works, inventions, data, analyses and other information and materials resulting from any use of the Software by or on behalf of the State under this Contract, except that User Data does not include the Software or data, information or content, including any GUI, audio, visual or digital or other display or output, that is generated automatically upon executing the Software without additional user input.

  • Access means disclosure by the provision of access;

  • Customer Data means any content, materials, data and information that Authorized Users enter into the production system of a Cloud Service or that Customer derives from its use of and stores in the Cloud Service (e.g. Customer-specific reports). Customer Data and its derivatives will not include SAP’s Confidential Information.

  • Internet Access means a service that enables users to access content, information, electronic mail or other services over the internet. Internet access does not include telecommunication services provided by a common carrier.

  • Pseudonymous data means personal data that cannot be attributed to a specific natural person

  • Password is the customer-generated code selected by you for use during the initial sign-on, or the codes you select after the initial sign-on, that establishes your connection to the Service;

  • Download means copying data from one computer system (for example a backend server) to another (for example a vehicle).

  • Users means, for Services, those employees, contractors, and end users, as applicable, authorized by You or on Your behalf to use the Services in accordance with this Agreement and Your order. For Services that are specifically designed to allow Your clients, agents, customers, suppliers or other third parties to access the Services to interact with You, such third parties will be considered “Users” subject to the terms of this Agreement and Your order.

  • Accessible as used in this Agreement, means a person with a disability is afforded the opportunity to acquire the same information, engage in the same interactions, and enjoy the same services as a person without a disability in an equally effective and equally integrated manner, with substantially equivalent ease of use. A person with a disability must be able to obtain the information as fully, equally, and independently as a person without a disability. Although this might not result in identical ease of use compared to that of persons without disabilities, it still must ensure equal opportunity to the educational benefits and opportunities afforded by the technology and equal treatment in the use of such technology. The District agrees to take the following actions:

  • User Information means information about a User made available to you in connection with such User’s request for and use of Transportation Services, which may include the User’s name, pick-up location, contact information and photo.

  • Computer database or “database” means a collection of recorded information in a form capable of, and for the purpose of, being stored in, processed, and operated on by a computer. The term does not include computer software.

  • End User Data means personal data, (including sensitive personal data) of End Users (including prospective End Users) that the Communications Provider provides or makes available to BT for the purposes of this Contract;

  • personal data filing system ('filing system') shall mean any structured set of personal data which are accessible according to specific criteria, whether centralized, decentralized or dispersed on a functional or geographical basis;

  • Encrypt means to encode Confidential Information into a format that can only be read by those possessing a “key”; a password, digital certificate or other mechanism available only to authorized users. Encryption must use a key length of at least 256 bits for symmetric keys, or 2048 bits for asymmetric keys. When a symmetric key is used, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) must be used if available.

  • Cardholder Data has the meaning defined by the PCI Security Standards Council, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms, Version 3.0, January 2014, currently available online at: xxxxx:// For the term of this Contract, Contractor will maintain a provisional Authority to Operate (ATO) at the Moderate Level from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Joint Authorization Board (JAB) or Federal Agency for any and all Cloud Services provided under this Contract. For the term of this Contract, Contractor will maintain an ISO 27001 Certification for any and all Cloud Services provided under this Contract.

  • Servers means the servers established, installed and operated by Licensee within the Territory only for the service of Game to End Users in the Territory.

  • Student Personal Information means information collected through a school service that personally identifies an individual student or other information collected and maintained about an individual student that is linked to information that identifies an individual student, as identified by Washington Compact Provision 28A.604.010. For purposes of this DPA, Student Personal Information is referred to as Student Data.

  • Confidential System Information means any communication or record (whether oral, written, electronically stored or transmitted, or in any other form) provided to or made available to Grantee; or that Grantee may create, receive, maintain, use, disclose or have access to on behalf of HHSC or through performance of the Project, which is not designated as Confidential Information in a Data Use Agreement.

  • Customer Materials any materials, data, information, software, equipment or other resources owned by or licensed to You and made available to Us pursuant to facilitating Your use of the Services, including Customer Data.

  • Line Information Data Base (“LIDB”) means a Service Control Point (SCP) database that provides for such functions as calling card validation for telephone line number cards issued by Embarq and other entities and validation for collect and billed-to-third services.

  • Specially Written Software means any software created by the Contractor (or by a third party on behalf of the Contractor) specifically for the purposes of this Contract.