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Academic Level. The classification of a student as a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student. "Academic Year" – In relation to scholarship and grant programs, a 12 month period of time, normally from August or September of any year through August or September of the ensuing year. In relation to the Federal Family Education Loan Program, academic year is defined at section 481(d)(2) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), and at 34 CFR 668.3.
Academic Level. ☐ BSW On-ground ☐ MSW Generalist On-ground and Online ☐ MSW Concentration: Advanced Generalist (AG) On-ground and Online ☐ MSW Concentration: Advanced Direct Practice (ADP) On-ground Only ☐ MSW Concentration: Policy, Administration and Community (PAC) On-ground Only Focuses: ☐ Addiction & Recovery ☐ Aging & Gerontology ☐ Behavioral Health ☐ Children, Youth, & Families ☐ Community Collaborative/Coalition ☐ Criminal Justice SystemCrisis ServicesDevelopmental Disabilities ☐ Domestic Violence Prevention ☐ Forensic Social Work Homeless Services Hospice Services ☐ ☐ Housing Services Immigration Social Work ☐ ☐ In-patient Psychiatric Treatment Integrated Health & Wellness ☐ ☐ Juvenile Courts Legal Social Work ☐ ☐ LGBTQ Services Medical Social Work ☐ ☐ Mental Health Military Social Work ☐ ☐ Program Planning & Development Public Child Welfare ☐ ☐ Public/Social Policy School Social Work ☐ ☐ Trauma & Bereavement Other: ☐ ☐ Other: Other: ☐ ☐ Descriptors: ☐ AmeriCorps Partner ☐ Behavioral Health HRSA Grant ☐ Consistent Evening Hours Available ☐ Consistent Weekend Hours Available ☐ COVID-19 Vaccination Required ☐ COVID-19 Vaccination Booster Required ☐ Fingerprint/Background Check Required ☐ Fingerprint/Background Check NOT Required ☐ Fully Remote Opportunity ☐ Hybrid Opportunity- Remote/In-Person ☐ Private Practice ☐ Provides Inclusion & Accessibility Support ☐ Spanish/Other Language Requested ☐ Spanish/Other Language Preferred ☐ Stipend/Paid ☐ Additional Pre-Placement Requirements ☐ Other: ☐ Other: Other: Does this agency bill/charge for services provided by student interns? ☐
Academic Level means the degree of education as defined by the PSSSP which include: Level 1: Community college, CEGEP diploma and certificate programs;Level 2: Undergraduate University programs (certificate, diploma, degree); Level 3: Advanced, graduate or professional degree programs; andLevel 4: Doctoral programs.

Examples of Academic Level in a sentence

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  • Assistant Professor who has completed three years of service in Academic Level 12/Selection-Grade.

  • Assistant Professors who have completed five years of service in Academic Level 11/Senior Scale.

  • Associate Professors who have completed three years of service in Academic Level 13A.

  • The report sets out recommendations for establishment of a social lettings agency in Hammersmith and Fulham, including the type of products it should offer and the marketing needed to increase its chances of success.

  • An Associate Professor who has completed three years of service in Academic Level 13 A.

  • Academic Level: The student must indicate the degree and the year of their program at the time the proposed research will be conducted.

  • A copy of the SPA is available for inspection at the registered office of the Company at 80 Raffles Place, #25-01 UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624 during normal business hours, with prior appointment, for a period of three (3) months from the date of this announcement.

  • Academic Level: The relative complexity, depth of study, and learner autonomy required in relation to a module in the context of its discipline.

  • Academic Class LevelsAcademic Level 05: 115 or more completed credit hours Academic Level 04: 85-114 completed credit hours Academic Level 03: 55-84 completed credit hours Academic Level 02: 25-54 completed credit hours Academic Level 01: 0-24 completed credit hoursRegistration ProceduresStudents register for courses through Colleague Student Self-Service.

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  • Academic year means the period of twelve months beginning on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July or 1st September according to whether the course in question begins in the winter, the spring, the summer or the autumn respectively but if students are required to begin attending the course during August or September and to continue attending through the autumn, the academic year of the course is to be considered to begin in the autumn rather than the summer;

  • RBC level means an insurer's company action level RBC, regulatory action level RBC, authorized control level RBC, or mandatory control level RBC where:

  • Licensed Level means a) when referenced in the context of a Named User, the quantity of Metric for which each individual Named User category and type is licensed -and- b) when referenced in the context of a Package, the quantity of Metric for which each individual Package is licensed; and

  • Mid-level practitioner means a certified nurse-midwife engaging in the independent practice of midwifery under the independent practice of midwifery act, an advanced practice registered nurse issued a license pursuant to K.S.A. 65-1131, and amendments thereto, who has authority to prescribe drugs pursuant to a written protocol with a responsible physician under K.S.A. 65-1130, and amendments thereto, or a physician assistant licensed under the physician assistant licensure act who has authority to prescribe drugs pursuant to a written agreement with a supervising physician under K.S.A. 65-28a08, and amendments thereto.

  • Sound level means the A-weighted Sound Pressure Level;

  • Working level (WL) means any combination of short-lived radon daughters in 1 liter of air that will result in the ultimate emission of 1.3E+5 MeV of potential alpha particle energy. The short-lived radon daughters are—for radon-222: polonium-218, lead-214, bismuth-214, and polonium-214; and for radon-220: polonium-216, lead-212, bismuth-212, and polonium-212.

  • Use Level means the license use meter or model (which may include operating system, hardware system, application or machine tier limitations, if applicable) by which Symantec measures, prices and licenses the right to use the Licensed Software, in effect at the time an order is placed for such Licensed Software, as indicated in this License Agreement and the applicable License Instrument.

  • Base Level means the level of the Index (excluding any flash estimates) published or announced by Eurostat (or any successor entity which publishes such index) in respect of the month which is 12 calendar months prior to the month for which the Substitute Index Level is being determined;

  • Elevated blood lead level means a level of lead in blood that is any of the following:

  • Barrier Level means the Barrier Level as specified in § 1 of the Product and Underlying Data.

  • Sound level meter means an instrument which includes a microphone, amplifier, RMS detector, integrator or time averager, output meter, and weighting networks used to measure sound pressure levels.

  • Performance Level means a reference to one of Performance Level I, Performance Level II, Performance Level III, Performance Level IV or Performance Level V.

  • Integration Level means the Social Security taxable wage base for the Plan Year, unless the Employer elects a lesser amount in (i) or (ii) below.

  • Diversity Score means, as of any day, a single number that indicates collateral concentration in terms of both issuer and industry concentration, calculated as set forth in Schedule 7 hereto, as such Diversity Scores shall be updated at the option of the Administrative Agent in its sole discretion if Xxxxx’x publishes revised criteria.

  • Index Level means, in respect of any day and subject to Adjustment Provisions: (a) in respect of an Index(other than a Multiple Exchange Index), the closing level of such Indexat the Valuation Time on such day; and (b) in respect of an Index that is a Multiple Exchange Index, the official closing level of the Index on such day at the Valuation Time as calculated and published by the Index Sponsor each as rounded up to four decimal places (with 0.00005 being rounded up), allas determined by the Calculation Agent.

  • Final Trigger Level means 85.00%, being a percentage against which the performance of the Index will be measured in order to determine the Final Redemption Amount.

  • Final Level means, in respect of the Index, the Closing Level on the Final Valuation Date, provided that, if the Final Valuation Date is not an Exchange Business Day, then the Final Level will be determined on the immediately preceding

  • Floor Level means that stage of construction which in the completed building would constitute the walking surface of the particular floor level referred to in the table of payments.

  • Ground Level means the level of the referred point of exposed surface of the ground as indicated in the drawing.

  • Poverty level means the annual family income for a family unit of a particular size, as specified in the poverty guidelines updated annually in the Federal Register by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Partner Level means the program levels as described in detail in the applicable PartnerEdge Program Guide.

  • Category 4 Data is data that is confidential and requires special handling due to statutes or regulations that require especially strict protection of the data and from which especially serious consequences may arise in the event of any compromise of such data. Data classified as Category 4 includes but is not limited to data protected by: the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Pub. L. 104-191 as amended by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 (HITECH), 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164; the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), 20 U.S.C. §1232g; 34 CFR Part 99; Internal Revenue Service Publication 1075 (xxxxx://; Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration regulations on Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records, 42 CFR Part 2; and/or Criminal Justice Information Services, 28 CFR Part 20.

  • Reference Level means the level of the Index (excluding any flash estimates) published or announced by Eurostat (or any successor entity which publishes such index) in respect of the month that is 12 calendar months prior to the month referred to in “Latest Level” above.

  • Federal poverty level means the poverty level as defined by the most recently revised poverty income guidelines published by the United States Department of Health and Human Services in the Federal Register.

  • Initial Level means, in respect of an Index, the level specified as such in the applicable Issue Terms.

  • Mean Sea Level means the average height of the sea for all stages of the tide. It is used as a reference for establishing various elevations within the floodplain. For the purposes of this Ordinance, the term is synonymous with the National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) of 1929, the North American Vertical Datum (NAVD) of 1988, or other datum, to which Base Flood Elevations shown on a community's Flood Insurance Rate Map are referenced.