2010 Notes definition

2010 Notes means the Company’s 6 3⁄8% Senior Notes due 2018 and 6 5⁄8% Senior Notes due 2020 issued on October 20, 2010.
2010 Notes is defined in Section 1B.
2010 Notes means the Senior Subordinated Convertible Demand Promissory Notes issued by the Company pursuant to the Senior Subordinated Convertible Demand Promissory Notes Purchase Agreement dated as of May 28, 2010.

Examples of 2010 Notes in a sentence

  • The 2010 Notes were due and payable upon the earlier of (i) three (3) months from the issuance of the 2010 Notes or (ii) the acceleration of obligations under the terms of the 2010 Notes.

  • In connection with the 2010 Notes, the Company was required to issue each payee 2,000 unregistered shares of the Company’s common stock for every $10,000 of principal loaned.

  • A total of 50,000 shares with a fair value of approximately $48,500 were issued in September 2010 pursuant to the 2010 Notes which was included in deferred financing costs as of September 30, 2010.

  • The Purchaser undertakes to satisfy all obligations for indebtedness of the Company or its subsidiaries which become due on or after the Closing Date including without limitation any obligation to repay the revolving credit facility of the Company and/or its subsidiaries or for the purchase of the 2010 Notes, 2012 Notes and 2014 Notes in accordance with and within the time limits set out in the terms of such notes.

More Definitions of 2010 Notes

2010 Notes means the 6.25% Senior Convertible Notes due 2015 issued by the Company on December 21, 2010.
2010 Notes means the U.S.$94,115,000 aggregate principal amount of 7.98% Senior Secured Notes, Series B, due May 11, 2020 of Pengrowth;
2010 Notes the 12% Mortgage Notes due 2010 issued by the Borrower and Capital Corp. pursuant to the 2010 Notes Indenture.
2010 Notes means the outstanding debt securities issued under the 2010 Indenture.
2010 Notes means the Series H Senior Notes due January 15, 2021, the Series I Senior Notes due January 15, 2023 and the Series J Senior Notes due January 15, 2026 issued by the Company under the 2010 Note Agreement, as amended, restated or otherwise modified from time to time.
2010 Notes means the 8.25% notes due 2010 issued pursuant to the Existing Indenture.
2010 Notes has the meaning set forth in the Recitals hereto.