Series I definition

Series I means Apollo Infrastructure Company LLC - Series I, a registered series of the Company.
Series I means Apollo Asset Backed Credit Company LLC—Series I, a registered series of the Company.
Series I m a Looker 20” shall mean a series of the Company created for purposes of holding the Series Asset.

Examples of Series I in a sentence

  • Series I has been formed as a registered series of the Company by the filing of its Certificate of Registered Series on September 22, 2023 by an “authorized person” of the Company pursuant to and in accordance with the Act.

  • In accordance with the DGCL and the DLLCA, no appraisal rights shall be available to any holder of shares of EATG Common Stock, Series C Preferred Stock, Series I Preferred Stock or the limited liability company interests of Merger Sub II or any member of Merger Sub II in connection with the EAT/Partners Merger.

  • As of the date hereof, Apollo Principal Holdings has made a Capital Contribution to Series I of $1,000 in exchange for the issuance to such V Shareholder of 40 Series I V Shares.

More Definitions of Series I

Series I has the meaning set forth in Schedule 14.1.
Series I or "SERIES I EQUIPMENT NOTES" means Equipment Notes issued under the Trust Indenture and designated as "Series I" thereunder, in the Original Amount and maturities and bearing interest as specified in Schedule I to the Trust Indenture under the heading "Series I."

Related to Series I

  • Series Issue Date means the date of issuance of the Initial Tranche of a Series of ETP Securities, as specified in the relevant Final Terms.

  • Series 2020 Bonds means the West Virginia Hospital Finance Authority Refunding Revenue Bonds (Thomas Health System, Inc.), Series 2020 A to be issued as a combination of tax-exempt and taxable non-rated fixed rate bonds by the Issuer, subject to its authority and discretion, in the aggregate principal amount of $60,100,000, to (i) refund and retire the Series 2008 Bonds at a discount to the current par amount outstanding, (ii) fund a debt service reserve fund for the Series 2020 Bonds, (iii) fund the Operating Reserve Fund, if necessary, as described in Article IV.C.1 of the Plan and (iv) finance costs of issuance of the Series 2020 Bonds.

  • Class A-5 Notes means the $_________ Floating Rate Class A-5 Student Loan Asset-Backed Notes issued by the Trust pursuant to the Indenture, substantially in the form of Exhibit A thereto.

  • Senior Bonds means all Bonds issued as Senior Bonds in compliance with the provisions of the Indenture.

  • Series 2019 Bonds means, collectively, the Series 2019A Bonds and the Series 2019B Bonds.

  • Current Interest Bonds means Bonds of a Series the interest on which is payable at least annually.