XIV Sample Clauses

XIV xv. The Fund has complied in all previous tax years, except for tax years for which the applicable statute of limitations has expired, and intends to direct the investment of the proceeds of the offering described in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus in such a manner as to continue to comply, with the requirements of Subchapter M of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended ("Subchapter M of the Code"), and has qualified and intends to continue to qualify as a regulated investment company under Subchapter M of the Code.
XIV. Of Monastic Vows Aε monaεrçc vowε dçfecr1y conflçcr wçrh rhe fifεr chçef afrçc1e, rhey oughr ro be abεo1ure1y abo1çεhed. Fof çr çε of rhem rhar Chfçεr εayε (Marr. Z4:S, Z2 εqq.⟩: “I am Chfçεr,” erc. Fof he who makeε a vow ro 1çve çn a monaεrefy be1çeveε rhar he wç11 enref upon a mode of 1çfe ho1çef rhan rhe ofdçnafy Chfçε- rçanε, and by hçε own wofkε wçεheε ro eafn heaven nor on1y fof hçmεe1f, bur a1εo fof orhefε; rhçε çε ro deny Chfçεr. And rhey boaεr ffom rheçf Sr. Thomaε rhar a monaεrçc vow çε on an equa1çry wçrh baprçεm. Thçε çε b1aεphemy agaçnεr God. —The Sma1ca1d Afrçc1eε, Pafr III, Afr. XI, XIV
XIV. Inform the defendant that throughout the applicable registration period, if applicable, he or she is prohibited from accessing or using any Internet social networking web site or any instant messaging or chat room service that has the likelihood of allowing the defendant to have contact with any child who is under the age of eighteen years should the Nebraska State Patrol classify such defendant as a level II or level III sex offender or if the defendant has been convicted and is currently being sentenced for: