Washing Sample Clauses

Washing. 1. Clean and sanitize urinals inside and out.
Washing. 8.18.1 Not to hang any washing, clothes or other articles outside the Premises or otherwise than in such place as the Landlord may designate or permit and not to hang or place wet or damp articles of washing upon any item or room heater.
Washing. This test is intended to simulate the normal washing of vehicles, but not specific cleaning using high water pressure or underbody washing. The areas of the vehicle regarding this test are border lines, i.e. a seal of two parts such as flaps, glass seals, outline of opening parts, outline of front grille and seals of lamps. All border lines shall be exposed and followed in all directions with the water stream using a hose nozzle and conditions in accordance with IPX5 as specified in Annex 7A.
Washing. 25.1 The Owner shall not erect any washing line on the Boat or within the Marina or allow any washing to be displayed on the exterior of the Boat.
Washing a. 200ul of PBST each well, 4 times from different side (lift-right, and then right- left.) (Don’t need to change pipet tips, 1 tray for 2 washing, use 1 tray for whole day)
Washing. You may only use washing lines of the rotary type or the window sill type and must remove them and store them out of sight immediately after use. • You must site washing lines to avoid inconvenience to other caravan owners and park operations.
Washing. 00.0.Xx clothes lines or drying of clothes are allowed outside the caravan/lodge. (Drying facilities are provided).
Washing. At the end of the incubation, remove the gel from the chamber and place it on a blotter, agarose side up. Using a blade or straight edge, completely remove and discard the two gel blocks from the gel. The gel blocks interfere with washing. Rinse the Chamber Cover before reuse. Attach the gel to the holder by placing the round hole in the gel mylar over the left pin on the holder and the obround hole over the right pin on the holder.
Washing. Nursing recommendations explained (incl. mouth care) 
Washing. 1. Remove the SPIFE QuickGel Holder from the stainer chamber. While holding the gel agarose side down, slide one side of the gel backing under one of the metal bars. Bend the gel backing so that the gel is bowed, and slip the other side under the other metal bar. The two small notches in the backing must fit over the small pins to secure the gel to the holder.