Township Sample Clauses

Township. The incorporated area (entire existing territorial limits) of the Township and such additional areas as may be included in the corporate (territorial) limits of the Township during the term of this Franchise.
Township. The Township is represented by the Engineer during the Design Phase.
Township. The Township is responsible for actual costs of the following construction work costs specific to the Township for the Project:
Township. The Municipal Government of the Township of Burlington.
Township. “Township” means the Charter Township of Lyon, Michigan.
Township. Township" shall mean and refer to COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Oakland County, Michigan.
Township. The Township agrees to provide a lunch style meal to all Firefighters during a long call (duration of four (4) hours or greater). If the Firefighter does not stay for the meal they will not receive compensation in place of the meal. It is understood the Township will make every effort to provide a lunch style meal when meal provider vendors are open for business.