The Volume Sample Clauses

The Volume. Cap shall apply to the Supplier’s opportunity to provide the Services under this Agreement whether the Services are provided direct by the Supplier or via an associate or subsidiary company.

Related to The Volume

  • Receipt Points The Points of Receipt are listed in Appendix 2.

  • Delivery Points ‌ Project water made available to the Agency pursuant to Article 6 shall be delivered to the Agency by the State at the delivery structures established in accordance with Article 10.

  • Delivery Point (a) All Energy shall be Delivered hereunder by Seller to Buyer at the Delivery Point. Seller shall be responsible for the costs of delivering its Energy to the Delivery Point consistent with all standards and requirements set forth by the FERC, ISO-NE, the Interconnecting Utility and any other applicable Governmental Entity and any applicable tariff.

  • Shipments The Vendor shall ship, deliver or provide ordered products or services within a commercially reasonable time after the receipt of the order from the TIPS Member. If a delay in said delivery is anticipated, the Vendor shall notify TIPS Member as to why delivery is delayed and shall provide an estimated time for completion of the order. TIPS or the requesting entity may cancel the order if estimated delivery time is not acceptable or not as agreed by the parties.

  • Unbundled Voice Loops (UVLs) 2.2.1 BellSouth shall make available the following UVLs:

  • Enquiry Points 1. Each Party shall designate one or more enquiry points to address enquiries from interested persons concerning customs matters, and shall make available on the internet and/or in print form, information concerning procedures for making such enquiries.

  • Volume of TIPS Sales Nothing in this Agreement or any TIPS communication may be construed as a guarantee that TIPS or TIPS Members will submit any TIPS orders to Vendor at any time.

  • Daily and Weekly Hours of Work (a) The regular day shift shall not normally exceed eight (8) hours inclusive of meal time for each employee, although it is understood that this Article shall not be, nor be construed to be, a guarantee as to the hours of work per shift nor as to the hours of work per week nor as for any period whatsoever nor as a guarantee of working schedules. It is understood that normal hours include those required to accommodate the change from Daylight Saving Time to standard time and vice versa to which the other provisions of the article dealing with Hours of Work and Overtime do not apply. It is further understood that the amount of regular pay for a full normal shift worked shall not be affected by reason of the change in the number of normal hours worked in consequence of such change from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time and vice versa.