The Reduced Sample Clauses

The Reduced. Workload Program allows a full-time unit member who participates in the Public Employment Retirement System to reduce his or her workload from full-time to part-time duties, and receive the service credit the unit member would have received if the unit member were employed on a full-time basis, and have his or her retirement allowance, as well as health benefits, in the same manner as if employed on a full-time basis. It is the intent of the parties that this program be carried out in compliance with Education Code Section 88038 as follows:
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  • Price Reduction Notwithstanding any other provision set forth in this Warrant, at any time and from time to time during the period that this Warrant is exercisable, the Company in its sole discretion may reduce the Purchase Price or extend the period during which this Warrant is exercisable.

  • Notice of Reduction in Coverage In the event that any coverage required by this section is reduced, limited, or materially affected in any other manner, Consultant shall provide written notice to City at Consultant’s earliest possible opportunity and in no case later than five days after Consultant is notified of the change in coverage.

  • Staff Reduction In the event the District adopts a reduced educational program by reason of financial necessity, including but not limited to, levy failure and/or decreased State or Federal support, certificated employees who will be retained to implement the District’s reduced or modified program and those certificated employees who will be non-renewed from employment or adversely affected in contract status shall be identified by the provisions contained in this Article. If the District is only reducing provisional employees, the following procedures do not need to be implemented.

  • Voluntary Reduction The Borrower shall have the right at any time and from time to time, upon at least five (5) Business Days prior written notice to the Administrative Agent, to permanently reduce, without premium or penalty, (i) the entire Revolving Credit Commitment at any time or (ii) portions of the Revolving Credit Commitment, from time to time, in an aggregate principal amount not less than $3,000,000 or any whole multiple of $1,000,000 in excess thereof. Any reduction of the Revolving Credit Commitment shall be applied to the Revolving Credit Commitment of each Revolving Credit Lender according to its Revolving Credit Commitment Percentage. All Commitment Fees accrued until the effective date of any termination of the Revolving Credit Commitment shall be paid on the effective date of such termination.

  • Voluntary Reduced Work Week Employees subject to the approval by the Appointing Officer may voluntarily elect to work a reduced work week for a specified period of time. Such reduced work week shall not be less than twenty (20) hours per week. Pay, vacation, holidays and sick pay shall be reduced in accordance with such reduced work week.

  • WORKFORCE REDUCTION In the event that funding reductions or shortfalls in funding occur in a department or are expected, which may result in layoffs, the department will notify the union and take the following actions:

  • Temporary Reduction of Downpayment When, under B8.33, Contracting Officer orders a delay or interruption of Purchaser’s Operations for more than 30 days when scheduled operations would be occurring but for the order, the downpayment amount required shall be temporarily reduced upon the written request of Purchaser or at the discretion of the Contracting Officer. For the period of the delay or interruption, the downpayment on deposit may be reduced to $1,000 or two (2) percent of the downpayment amount listed in A18, whichever is larger. Any downpayment amount temporarily reduced pursuant to this Subsection may be refunded or transferred at the request of Purchaser. However, if Purchaser has outstanding debt owed to the United States, Contracting Officer must apply the amount of downpayment that could be refunded to the debt owed in accordance with the Debt Collection Improvement Act, as amended (31 USC 3701, et seq.).

  • Voluntary Reduction in Hours Appointing Authorities may allow employee(s) to take unpaid leaves of absence to reduce layoffs otherwise necessary. If it is necessary to limit the number of employees in a work unit on unpaid leave at the same time, the Appointing Authority shall determine whether conflicts shall be resolved among classes or within a particular class based upon staffing needs. In either event, leave shall be granted on the basis of State Seniority within the employee's work unit. Such employees taking leaves of absence under this Section shall continue to accrue vacation and sick leave and be eligible for paid holidays and insurance benefits as if the employees had been actually employed during the time of leave. If a leave of absence is for one (1) full pay period or longer, any holiday pay shall be included in the first payroll period warrant after return from the leave of absence. Upon return from leave, the employee shall return to his/her former position.

  • Salary Reduction A reduction in pay from one step to another, which is not below the minimum rate established for the position by the salary plan. A copy of the notice of reduction shall be sent promptly to the City Manager Department for inclusion in the employee's official personnel file.

  • Maximum Accrual Vacation credit may be accumulated to a maximum that can be earned in four (4) years. Further accumulation will not continue when the maximum is reached. When an employee’s vacation reaches the maximum level, and if the employee has been denied vacation during the twelve (12) months, the employee will be paid for the time denied but no more than eighty (80) hours in a pay period. Annual Rate of Vacation Accumulation Maximum 80 hours 320 hours 120 hours 480 hours 160 hours 640 hours 180 hours 720 hours 200 hours 800 hours 240 hours 960 hours

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