Annual Accounts Sample Clauses

Annual Accounts. A copy of the final audited financial statements including Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts with associated accounting policies and notes to the accounts within the 10 Months of the end of the accounting period, as per the deadline imposed by Companies House, for Contractors registered in the UK. Where Contractors are not registered with Companies House, they must forward the information detailed in Annex 1. Where Annual Accounts are not signed off, we may request a copy of the latest Financial Year Draft Accounts prior to Annual Accounts being signed off. The draft accounts should include Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account with associated accounting policies and notes to the Accounts.
Annual Accounts. 3.1. Annual accounts should be prepared at the end of each year of the council’s operations, summarising the receipts and payments made during that year. The financial year of the community council will be specified within their Constitution.
Annual Accounts. 1. Within a maximum period of three (3) months from the end of the financial year, the Board of Directors must draw up the Annual Accounts, the Management Report and the proposal for allocation of results, and also the Consolidated Annual Accounts and Management report, when applicable.
Annual Accounts. The Borrower shall send HBU his balance sheet, profit and loss account and notes thereto for the past financial year immediately after they have been drawn up but in any event not later than six months after the end of the relevant financial year.
Annual Accounts. 22.1 The Hirer shall, within 150 days of the end of the financial year of the Hirer, provide LeasePlan with a full set of financial statements prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Xxx 0000 and the Financial Reporting Xxx 0000 or any re-enactment or replacement of those Acts. In the event that the Hirer is not required by law to publish its financial statements, the Hirer will submit its financial statements to LeasePlan along with a report from a chartered accountant confirming the compliance of those financial statements with New Zealand Financial Reporting Standards.
Annual Accounts. We reserve the right to request a full copy of Your annual audited accounts.
Annual Accounts. Submit to the Lender its duly audited annual accounts within six months from the close of its accounting year. In case statutory audit (if required) is not likely to be completed during this period, the Borrower shall get its accounts audited by an independent firm of Chartered Accountants and furnish the same to the Lender;
Annual Accounts. 1. The SUBSIDIARY COMPANY is required to prepare its annual accounts in such a way that the profit to be transferred or the loss to be assumed is shown as paya- bles to or receivables from the CONTROLLING COMPANY.
Annual Accounts. (i) The Annual Accounts were prepared in accordance with the law and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles of the Netherlands as applicable at the date as of which the Annual Accounts have been drawn up;
Annual Accounts. By May 1 of each year, the Joint Powers Board shall make and file a full and complete financial report, an activity report, and an audit report to each member local governmental unit and to the State Board of Water and Soil Resources, in accordance with Minnesota Rules. Chapter 8410.0150.