Termination for Death Sample Clauses

Termination for Death. Executive’s employment shall terminate immediately upon Executive’s death.
Termination for Death. In the event of the Executive’s death during the Employment Period, the Executive’s estate shall not be entitled to any severance compensation.
Termination for Death. This Agreement shall terminate automatically upon the Employee's death. With the exception of any benefits under the Company's employee benefit plans, and any stock options that have vested under the Company's Stock Option Plan(s) which may inure to the benefit of Employee's beneficiaries, upon Employee's death, the Company shall have no further obligations under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If Employee's employment is terminated pursuant to this section during the Term of this Agreement, employee shall be entitled to his salary through the date of such termination, payment for any pro-rata bonus earned and due at the time of termination pursuant to any (if any) bonus plan(s) the Company may have in effect at the time of termination, and to any other employee benefits maintained or established by the Company for its similarly situated employees.
Termination for Death. (a) This Agreement will terminate immediately upon the Executive’s death.
Termination for Death. This Agreement shall terminate without notice upon the death of the Executive. In case of death, all Time Based Options referred to in Section 3.4(a)(i) above shall vest immediately and continue to be available for exercise for a period of 60 days following date of death, after which any such Rights shall be void and of no further force and effect.
Termination for Death. In the event of the termination of the employment of the Executive by reason of his death, the Company shall pay to the Executive's designated beneficiary or estate the amounts set forth in paragraphs (a) and (b) of Section 2 above, pursuant to which the date of the Executive's death shall be considered the date of his termination thereunder. In addition, with respect to any Award granted to the Executive pursuant to the Plan, in the event that such Award is subject to future vesting or other restrictions regarding the exercisability or full enjoyment of the Award as of the date of the Executive's death, then, notwithstanding the terms of the Plan or the Award Agreement thereunder, all restrictions thereon shall immediately lapse, and each such Award shall be deemed immediately and fully vested and exercisable under the Plan, as of the date of such death.
Termination for Death. Immediately upon Executive's death.
Termination for Death. The Company will pay the Executive's estate, in full satisfaction of its compensation obligations under this Agreement, an amount equal to any base salary due to the Executive through the last day of the Employment Period or an amount equal to twelve (12) months of the Executive's base salary, whichever is greater, plus a pro rated portion of any annual bonus to which the Executive may have been entitled on the last day of his actual employment.