Taken Sample Clauses

Taken. Conveyed pursuant to a Taking. Taking: A taking or voluntary conveyance during the Term of all or part of a Leased Property, or any interest therein or right accruing thereto or use thereof, as the result of, or in settlement of any condemnation or other eminent domain proceeding affecting the Leased Property whether or not the same shall have actually been commenced. Tenant: As the context may require or permit, one, some or all of the entities listed on Schedule 2 to this Lease as “Tenant”, subject to Section 22.1. Each entity comprising Tenant is jointly and severally liable for all obligations of the Tenant under this Lease. Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, no Tenant shall, by virtue of this Lease have any rights to, or title or interest in, the Leased Property or Properties leased by another Tenant or any obligation to operate the same to the extent it does not have the license or other authorization necessary or required to do so under applicable law. Tenant Entity: Tenant, the Subtenants (other than a Hospital Subtenant), the Guarantors, and Manager.
Taken. If an employee takes a medical examination during his normal working hours, he shall be paid for the time involved and thus not lose any pay as a result of his a medical examination and one day's notice will be the employee: Section (continued)
Taken. (include dates, times, and names of agencies notified of the Incident)
Taken. When a medical examination i s requested by the Company and is to be taken after working hours, the Company shall supply or pay for transportation to and from the medical facility of its choice and shall pay for a l l time involved. The Company shall not pay for the time involved if the employee is at the time on or the Health and Welfare Benefit Plan. In all cases, the daily guarantee w i l l be the maximum amount paid.
Taken. If a medical examination is taken after working hours, the employee shall be paid seven dollars and fifty cents ($7.50) and shall in such cases receive at least three (3) daysnotice prior to the appointment with the doctor.
Taken. (a) Except as expressly set forth in this Declaration and except if a meeting of the Administrative Trustees is called with respect to any matter over which the Administrative Trustees have power to act, any power of the Administrative Trustees may be exercised by, or with the consent of, any one such Administrative Trustee.

Related to Taken

  • No Disciplinary Action No employee shall be discharged, penalized, coerced, intimidated or disciplined for acting in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, its regulations and codes of practice and environmental laws, regulations or codes of practice.

  • Disciplinary Action Supervisors shall be vested with the powers to discipline employees of the department or work unit, and for cause, may discipline up to a written reprimand. In emergency situations supervisors may relieve employees of their duties, pending further action by a department head. Department Heads shall be vested with the powers to discipline employees of the department or work unit, and for cause, may discipline up to dismissal from employment. The City Manager shall be vested with the powers to discipline employees, and for cause, may discipline up to dismissal from employment. Any proposed disciplinary action greater than a written reprimand requires prior consultation with the Human Resources Director. The employee shall have the right to request another employee or bargaining unit representative be present when the employee is called into a meeting that he/she reasonably believes could result in disciplinary action, or where the purpose of the meeting is to propose or impose discipline, or where the purpose of the meeting is to appeal disciplinary action as provided within this section. Once the employee has designated a representative, all subsequent correspondence shall be sent to the representative at the same time the correspondence is sent to the employee. Any employee disciplined shall be immediately notified in writing of such charges or actions, by U.S. Postal Service mail (with at least mail delivery confirmation) or delivery in person. Any employee aggrieved by such action may utilize the Disciplinary Action Appeal Procedure as hereinafter set forth, as a means of appeal from such by the City. Any time limit described in the appeal procedures may be extended only by mutual agreement in writing. Failure by the employee or the employee’s representative to initiate or appeal within the prescribed time limits shall waive the right of the employee and the employee’s representative from appealing the discipline. In the case of an appeal, the City’s last answer shall be final and conclusive. The failure of the City to respond to an appeal within the prescribed time limits shall be cause for the employee to automatically appeal the discipline to the next step.