Substantially All Assets Sample Clauses

Substantially All Assets. The sale of the Purchased Assets to Purchaser constitutes a transfer of each Seller's properties and assets "substantially as an entirety" for purposes of Section 7.2 (in the case of Tyler Funding) and Section 8.2 (in the case of FNANB) of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.
Substantially All Assets. In connection with this ------------------------ Agreement, the Company is transferring and selling substantially all of its remaining assets (other than cash) to AI. 4.8
Substantially All Assets. The Purchased Assets do not constitute ------------------------ "all or substantially all" of the assets of Seller, for purposes of Section 271 of the Delaware General Corporation Law.
Substantially All Assets. (a) The Company shall not merge with or into, or amalgamate or consolidate with, or wind up into, in each case including by way of an arrangement, (whether or not the Company is the surviving corporation), or sell, assign, convey, transfer, lease or otherwise dispose of all or substantially all of its properties and assets, in one or more related transactions, to any Person unless:‌
Substantially All Assets. Seller represents that Seller will transfer to Buyer at least 90% of the fair market value of the net assets and at least 70% of the fair market value of the gross assets held by Seller immediately prior to the Acquisition. For purposes of this representation, amounts paid by Seller to dissenters, amounts used by Seller to pay its reorganization expenses, amounts paid by Seller to shareholders who receive cash or other property and all redemptions and distributions (except for regular, normal dividends) made by Seller immediately preceding the Acquisition will be included as assets of Seller held immediately prior to the Acquisition.
Substantially All Assets. The Buyer and Seller acknowledge that the Buyer is acquiring ownership, possession or use of all or substantially all of the property that can reasonably be regarded as being necessary for the Buyer to be capable of carrying on the business or part of the business for purposes of the ETA election.

Related to Substantially All Assets

  • Assets Each of the Parent and the Acquisition Subsidiary owns or leases all tangible assets necessary for the conduct of its businesses as presently conducted and as presently proposed to be conducted. Each such tangible asset is free from material defects, has been maintained in accordance with normal industry practice, is in good operating condition and repair (subject to normal wear and tear) and is suitable for the purposes for which it presently is used. No asset of the Parent or the Acquisition Subsidiary (tangible or intangible) is subject to any Security Interest.

  • Merger, Consolidation or Sale of All or Substantially All Assets (a) Except as otherwise provided in Section 5.01(c) of the Indenture, the Guaranteeing Subsidiary may not consolidate or merge with or into or wind up into (whether or not an Issuer or Guaranteeing Subsidiary is the surviving corporation), or sell, assign, transfer, lease, convey or otherwise dispose of all or substantially all of its properties or assets, in one or more related transactions, to any Person unless:

  • Disposition of Assets The Company shall not, and shall not suffer or permit any Subsidiary to, directly or indirectly, sell, assign, lease, convey, transfer or otherwise dispose of (whether in one or a series of transactions) any property (including accounts and notes receivable, with or without recourse) or enter into any agreement to do any of the foregoing, except:

  • Property The Executive acknowledges that all originals and copies of materials, records and documents generated by him or coming into his possession during his employment by the Company or its subsidiaries are the sole property of the Company and its subsidiaries ("Company Property"). During the Employment Term, and at all times thereafter, the Executive shall not remove, or cause to be removed, from the premises of the Company or its subsidiaries, copies of any record, file, memorandum, document, computer related information or equipment, or any other item relating to the business of the Company or its subsidiaries, except in furtherance of his duties under this Agreement. When the Executive's employment with the Company terminates, or upon request of the Company at any time, the Executive shall promptly deliver to the Company all copies of Company Property in his possession or control.

  • Material Assets The financial statements of the Acquiror Company set forth in the SEC Documents reflect the material properties and assets (real and personal) owned or leased by the Acquiror Company.

  • Custody of Assets Sub-Adviser shall at no time have the right to physically possess the assets of the Funds or have the assets registered in its own name or the name of its nominee, nor shall Sub-Adviser in any manner acquire or become possessed of any income, whether in kind or cash, or proceeds, whether in kind or cash, distributable by reason of selling, holding or controlling such assets of the Funds. In accordance with the preceding sentence, Sub-Adviser shall have no responsibility with respect to the collection of income, physical acquisition or the safekeeping of the assets of the Funds. All such duties of collection, physical acquisition and safekeeping shall be the sole obligation of the custodian.

  • Dispositions of Assets Until the first day after the Restriction Period, no Spinco (nor any member of its respective Spinco Group) shall sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of or agree to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose (including in any transaction treated for federal income tax purposes as a sale, transfer or disposition) of assets (including, any shares of capital stock of a Subsidiary) that, in the aggregate, constitute more than 30% of the gross assets of such Spinco or more than 30% of the consolidated gross assets of such Spinco Group. The foregoing sentence shall not apply to (A) sales, transfers, or dispositions of assets in the ordinary course of business, (B) any cash paid to acquire assets from an unrelated Person in an arm’s-length transaction, or (C) any assets transferred to a Person that is disregarded as an entity separate from the transferor for federal income tax purposes or (D) any mandatory or optional repayment (or pre-payment) of any indebtedness of such Spinco (or any member of its Spinco Group). The percentages of gross assets or consolidated gross assets of such Spinco or its respective Spinco Group, as the case may be, sold, transferred, or otherwise disposed of, shall be based on the fair market value of the gross assets of such Spinco and the members of its respective Spinco Group as of the Distribution Date of such Spinco. For purposes of this Section 4(b)(v), a merger of a Spinco or one of its Subsidiaries with and into any Person shall constitute a disposition of all of the assets of such Spinco or such Subsidiary.

  • Acquisition of Assets The Master Issuer shall not, and shall not permit any other Securitization Entity to, acquire, by long-term or operating lease or otherwise, any property (i) if such acquisition when effected on behalf of any Securitization Entity by the Manager would constitute a breach by the Manager of the Management Agreement or (ii) that is a lease, sublease, license or other contract or permit, if the grant of a Lien or security interest in any of the Securitization Entities’ right, title and interest in, to or under such lease, sublease, license, contract or permit in the manner contemplated by the Indenture and the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement (a) would be prohibited by the terms of such lease, sublease, license, contract or permit, (b) would constitute or result in the abandonment, invalidation or unenforceability of any right, title or interest of the applicable Securitization Entity therein or (c) would otherwise result in a breach thereof or the termination or a right of termination thereof, except to the extent that any such prohibition, breach, termination or right of termination is rendered ineffective pursuant to the UCC or any other applicable law.

  • DISPOSITION OF EQUIPMENT The Grantee shall provide to the State, not less than 30 calendar days prior to submission of the final invoice, an itemized inventory of equipment purchased with funds provided by the State. The inventory shall include all items with a current estimated fair market value of more than $5,000.00 per item. Within 60 calendar days of receipt of such inventory the State shall provide the Grantee with a list of the items on the inventory that the State will take title to. All other items shall become the property of the Grantee. The State shall arrange for delivery from the Grantee of items that it takes title to. Cost of transportation, if any, shall be borne by the State.

  • Consolidation Where two or more claims have been submitted separately to arbitration under Article 32 (Claim by an Investor of a Member State) and the claims have a question of law or fact in common and arise out of the same or similar events or circumstances, all concerned disputing parties may agree to consolidate those claims in any manner they deem appropriate.