Permitted Business Sample Clauses

Permitted Business. The business of the Company shall be:
Permitted Business. The Facility Lessee shall not engage in any business or activities other than the lease, operation, maintenance and marketing and sale of the output, fuel or other products from or relating or incidental to, the Facility leased by the Facility Lessee. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing the Facility Lessee may not change the nature of its business.
Permitted Business. The Borrower shall not: ------------------
Permitted Business. The Facility Lessee shall not engage in any business other than the business of the ownership or leasing, as applicable, operation, maintenance and output marketing of the Facility and the generation of income therefrom.
Permitted Business delete the definition of Permitted Business so that there are no geographic restrictions and delete Clause 16.8 (Permitted Business) and replace it with a clause that provides that no member of the Borrower Group shall, without the prior written consent of the Majority Lenders or save as otherwise permitted by the terms of this Agreement, make any change in the nature of its business as carried on immediately prior to the date of the amendment and restatement, which would give rise to a substantial change in the business of the Borrower Group taken as a whole from that set forth in the definition of Business, provided that such clause shall not be breached by an Obligor or any member of the Borrower Group making a permitted disposal, a permitted acquisition or investment or entering into any permitted joint venture, in line with recent Liberty precedent.
Permitted Business the business of the U.S. Borrower and its Subsidiaries as existing on the Closing Date and any other businesses that are the same, similar or reasonably related, ancillary or complementary thereto and reasonable extensions thereof.
Permitted Business. The Borrower shall not, and shall not permit any other Credit Party to, engage to any material extent in any business other than the business of mining and activities related or ancillary thereto.
Permitted Business. (i) in the case of the Borrower, engage in any business other than the holding of Stock of Operating Subsidiaries and License Subsidiaries and the purchasing and reselling to Subsidiaries of equipment used in connection with the build-out and operation of PCS Systems for which FCC Licenses for BTAs other than Excluded BTAs are held by License Subsidiaries or hold any assets other than such Stock and the Tranche Y Mirror Note (as defined in the Ericsson Loan Agreement);