Staged Sample Clauses

Staged. Funding Contracts. Approximately $70,908,587.08 of the ------------------------ Contracts, by Cut-off Date Principal Balance, are Staged-Funding Contracts that had not been fully disbursed by the Cut-off Date. Approximately $55,657,328.33 of such amount had been disbursed by the Closing Date, and approximately $15,251,258.75 remained to be disbursed on or before the Funding Termination Date.

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  • Commissioning Functional testing and certification is complete. Forms and documentation which record the certification and performance of building systems, utility systems and equipment are fully executed and posted to the Princeton Collaborative System.

  • Local Switching Interfaces Louisville Telephone shall order ports and associated interfaces compatible with the services it wishes to provide, as listed in Exhibit B. BellSouth shall provide the following local switching interfaces:

  • Dimensions Education Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience. Experience: A minimum of 7 years of IT work experience including managing team(s) responsible for desktop support, customer service and/or production support in multi-platform environments. Breadth: Middle level management in help desk/customer support functions. Works under general direction of senior level management. Typically manages and mentors supervisors, project leaders and/or technical staff. Frequently reports to an IT Chief Operating Officer, Operating Unit IT Executive or Departmental IT Executive. JOB FAMILY: CUSTOMER SUPPORT‌ Job Title: Customer Support Analyst Job#: 2210 General Characteristics Responsible for Tier 1 and 2 software and hardware support. Provides technical advice, guidance and informal training to customers using hardware and software programs. Troubleshoots and restores routine technical service and equipment problems by analyzing, identifying and diagnosing faults and symptoms using established processes and procedures. Performs root cause analysis and develops checklists for typical problems. Recommends procedures and controls for problem prevention. Maintains knowledge database and call tracking database to enhance quality of problem resolutions. Works in a team setting, sharing information and assisting others with calls.

  • Screening All drug screening tests shall be conducted by medical laboratories certified by the Department of Health and Human Services or certified by a DHHS recognized certification program. No test shall be considered positive until it has been confirmed by a Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry full scan test or its equivalent. The procedures utilized by the City and testing laboratory shall include an evidentiary chain of custody control. All procedures shall be outlined in writing and this outline shall be followed in all situations arising under this Article. The split sample method of collection shall be used and shall follow prescribed testing procedures. Collection of samples for all random testing shall take place in the police department.

  • Check Meters Developer, at its option and expense, may install and operate, on its premises and on its side of the Point of Interconnection, one or more check meters to check Connecting Transmission Owner’s meters. Such check meters shall be for check purposes only and shall not be used for the measurement of power flows for purposes of this Agreement, except as provided in Article 7.4 below. The check meters shall be subject at all reasonable times to inspection and examination by Connecting Transmission Owner or its designee. The installation, operation and maintenance thereof shall be performed entirely by Developer in accordance with Good Utility Practice.

  • PROCUREMENT CARD The State has entered into an agreement for purchasing card services. The Purchasing Card enables Authorized Users to make authorized purchases directly from a Contractor without processing Purchase Orders or Purchase Authorizations. Purchasing Cards are issued to selected employees authorized to purchase for the Authorized User and having direct contact with Contractors. Cardholders can make purchases directly from any Contractor that accepts the Purchasing Card. The Contractor shall not process a transaction for payment through the credit card clearinghouse until the purchased Products have been shipped or services performed. Unless the cardholder requests correction or replacement of a defective or faulty Product in accordance with other Contract requirements, the Contractor shall immediately credit a cardholder’s account for Products returned as defective or faulty.

  • Synchronization, Commissioning and Commercial Operation 5.1.1 The SPD shall give the concerned RLDC/SLDC and SECI and also Buying Entity at least sixty (60) days’ advanced preliminary written notice and at least thirty (30) days’ advanced final written notice, of the date on which it intends to synchronize the Power Project to the Grid System.

  • Check and complete if Transferee will take delivery of a beneficial interest in the IAI Global Note or a Restricted Definitive Note pursuant to any provision of the Securities Act other than Rule 144A or Regulation S. The Transfer is being effected in compliance with the transfer restrictions applicable to beneficial interests in Restricted Global Notes and Restricted Definitive Notes and pursuant to and in accordance with the Securities Act and any applicable blue sky securities laws of any state of the United States, and accordingly the Transferor hereby further certifies that (check one):

  • SPECIALIZED JOB CLASSES Where there is a particular specialized job class in which the pay rate is below the local market value assessment of that job class, the parties may use existing means under the collective agreement to adjust compensation for that job class.

  • Target Population Areas MRAP is designed to target low-to-moderate income homeowners and address the needs of a homeowner’s specific situation in lieu of targeting certain regions or counties.