Split Class Compensation Sample Clauses

Split Class Compensation. Elementary teachers (grades 1-6) will be compensated at the Schedule B rate per split class assignment as defined in Article 5, Section J. A prorated amount of $.028 times the number of minutes of split special class instruction per week times thirty-six (36) weeks shall be given the subjects of art, music, physical education, and media specialist. Section M - Mentors Beginning with the 1996-97 school year, mentors will be compensated at a rate of $1,312 per school year.
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Related to Split Class Compensation

  • Extra Compensation All percentage payments shall be based upon the following schedule: 2021-2022 Exp. Level Unit Members 1st Year 32,749 2nd Year 34,087 3rd Year 35,425 4th Year 36,764 5th Year 38,102 Subject to the exception set forth below, the placement of an individual on the above salary schedule in an extra duty assignment as set forth herein, shall be based upon the number of years of experience in Michigan Center within the activity (i.e. sport). Transfers from one coaching position to another in the same sport (i.e. junior varsity to varsity football, etc.) shall not be cause to reduce the experience level for the bargaining unit member in that activity. Changes from one sport to another (i.e. basketball to football, etc.) will constitute a change in experience level. NOTE: Compensation of non-unit individuals for coaching and other extra-curricular positions shall be determined by the Board, but shall not exceed the compensation schedule for bargaining unit members. Baseball Head Coach 11% Volleyball Head Coach 17% JV Coach 8% Asst or JV Coach 11% Basketball Head Coach 17% 8th Grade 6% JV Coach 11% 7th Grade 6% 8th Grade 6% If both 7th & 8th 10% 7th Grade 6% Wrestling Head Coach Assistant Coach (if applicable) 16% 6% If both 7th & 8th 10% JV Coach 10% Bowling Boys Girls 6% 6% Jr. High 6% If both Boys & Girls 10% Cheerleading Winter Head Coach (includes sideline if applicable) 16% Academic Games Coord & Staff Advisors Limit 1 per Dept. 1% Varsity Fall Sideline 5% Band Director 18% JV Fall Sideline 5% Band Director Jr. High School 12% Winter JV (includes sideline if applicable) 10% Choral Director (if applicable) 3% Jr. High Winter (includes sideline if applicable) 10% Class Advisor Chair 1% Cross Country Boys Head Coach Girls Head Coach 7% 7% Club Sponsors Approved by Principal 1% If both Boys & Girls 10% Dept Heads – HS Sci, Mth, SocStud, Lang Arts, Enrichment 4% Jr. High 5% Dept Heads/Grade Level Chairs Elem Sci, Mth, SocStud, Lang Arts, Enrichment 4% Football Head Coach 17% Elementary- Extracurricular 1% Asst. Varsity (2) 10% Elementary Music 3% JV Coach (2) 11% 8th Grade (2) 6% 7th Grade (2) 6% Homecoming Chair 1% If both 7th & 8th 10% Leadership Forum 1% Golf Boys Head Coach 6% Communications Coordinator Webmaster News and Views Surveys/Updates Library Supervisor 10% Girls Head Coach 6% Mentor Teacher 2% Soccer Boys Head Coach Girls Head Coach 8% 8% National Xxxxx Xxxxxxx 1% Softball Head Coach 11% Quiz Bowl Advisor 4% Asst or JV Coach 8% Track Boys Head Coach 11% Play Director (Per Play) 6% Girls Head Coach 11% Assistant Play Director (Per Play) 1.5% Boys/Girls Asst (1) 8% Prom Chairperson 2% Jr. High Boys Coach 6% Jr. High Girls Coach 6% Yearbook Advisor If it’s a class Not a class 4% 7% Jr. High Boys/Girls Asst (1) 6% Junior High Year Book 4% Department Head - District Coordinated School Heath 4% HS Student Council JH Student Council 2% 1% Social Media Specialist 3% Tutoring: Summer school and after school tutoring and credit recovery will be paid at the rate of $31.25/hour for assigned student instructional time ($25.00/hour for non-bargaining unit personnel).

  • Callout Compensation A regular employee who is called back to work outside their regular working hours shall be compensated for a minimum of three hours at overtime rates. They shall be compensated from the time they leave their home to report for duty until the time they arrive back upon proceeding directly to and from work.

  • Compensation Benefits Etc During the Employment Period, the Manager shall be compensated as follows:

  • ’ Compensation Leave If such determination cannot readily be made and all healthcare leave or annual leave subject to 100% payoff has been applied to the absence, the employee shall be placed on Official Leave until a final determination is made.

  • Compensation/Benefit Programs During the Term of Employment, the Executive shall be entitled to participate in all medical, dental, hospitalization, accidental death and dismemberment, disability, travel and life insurance plans, and any and all other plans as are presently and hereinafter offered by the Company to its executive personnel, including savings, pension, profit-sharing and deferred compensation plans, subject to the general eligibility and participation provisions set forth in such plans.

  • Deferred Compensation Account All Participant Deferral Credits and Employer Credits shall be credited to the Deferred Compensation Account of the Participant as provided in Section 8.

  • Intercarrier Compensation Except as specifically described in this Section, the Agreement does not change or amend applicable intercarrier compensation arrangements (including but not limited to Switched Access, Signaling, or Transit charges) between any parties, including between Qwest and Carriers or IXCs.

  • Basic Compensation (a) SALARY. Executive will be paid an annual base salary of $115,000.00, subject to adjustment as provided below (the "Salary"), which will be payable in equal periodic installments according to Employer's customary payroll practices, but no less frequently than monthly. The Salary will be reviewed by the Board of Directors not less frequently than annually, and shall be increased on each anniversary of the Effective Date during the term hereof by an amount equal to not less than ten percent (10%) of the prior year's base salary.

  • Deferrals If permitted by the Company, the Participant may elect, subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan and any other applicable written plan or procedure adopted by the Company from time to time for purposes of such election, to defer the distribution of all or any portion of the shares of Common Stock that would otherwise be distributed to the Participant hereunder (the “Deferred Shares”), consistent with the requirements of Section 409A of the Code. Upon the vesting of RSUs that have been so deferred, the applicable number of Deferred Shares shall be credited to a bookkeeping account established on the Participant’s behalf (the “Account”). Subject to Section 5 hereof, the number of shares of Common Stock equal to the number of Deferred Shares credited to the Participant’s Account shall be distributed to the Participant in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Plan and the other applicable written plans or procedures of the Company, consistent with the requirements of Section 409A of the Code.

  • Cash and Incentive Compensation For clarification, it is understood by all parties that other than as specified herein, the Company is not obligated to award any future grants of stock options or other form of equity compensation to Executive during Executive's employment with the Company.

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