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Shelter Size. The shelter should conform to the following dimensions unless otherwise noted: -- One room shelter (no generator) - 12' X 20' OD -- Two room shelter (equipment room and generator room) - 12' X 28' OD
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Shelter Size. The shelter should conform to the following dimensions unless otherwise noted:

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  • Generator Subject to the provisions of this Section 29.36, Tenant shall be entitled to install, operate and maintain a generator and any other equipment related thereto, including, without limitation, a fuel system, wiring and shaft space (“Generator”) next to the Building at Tenant’s sole cost and expense (without paying any additional fee or rental to Landlord for the use thereof). Prior to the installation of the Generator, Tenant shall inspect the proposed location to determine a suitable location for the Generator, and Tenant shall submit written plans and specifications relative to the type, size and proposed location (including any proposed screening) of the Generator to Landlord for its review and written approval. Tenant shall be solely responsible for the cost of acquisition, installation, operation, and maintenance of the Generator; and Tenant shall install, maintain and operate the Generator in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations, including without limitation, obtaining and maintaining any and all permits, approvals and licenses required to install and operate the Generator by any governmental authority having jurisdiction. Landlord and Tenant agree that, upon the expiration of earlier termination of the Lease Term, Tenant shall not be required to remove the Generator, any associated cabling, wiring and screening or other improvements. Tenant shall not be entitled to grant or assign to any third party (other than a permitted assignee of Tenant’s rights under the Lease or a permitted subtenant relative to the Premises (or a portion thereof)) the right to use the Generator without Landlord’s prior written consent (which consent may be granted or withheld in Landlord’s discretion). Upon reasonable advance notice to Tenant (and provided Landlord reasonably coordinates with Tenant and provides an alternate source of backup generator capacity during said transition), Landlord shall be entitled to cause the Generator to be moved to another location near the Building, at Landlord’s cost and expense. Tenant shall pay all personal property taxes on the Generator. Tenant shall also pay any increases in the real property taxes of the Building due to the installation of the Generator within thirty (30) days of receipt of notice from Landlord which includes proof of such increase in taxes. Tenant’s indemnity obligations under Section of the Lease, relating to the use of Hazardous Materials, shall apply to the use and operation of the Generator. Finally, Tenant’s insurance obligations under Section 10.3 of the Lease shall apply to the Generator.

  • Vehicle Parking Lessee shall be entitled to use the number of Unreserved Parking Spaces and Reserved Parking Spaces specified in Paragraph 1.2(b) on those portions of the Common Areas designated from time to time by Lessor for parking. Lessee shall not use more parking spaces than said number. Said parking spaces shall be used for parking by vehicles no larger than full-size passenger automobiles or pick-up trucks, herein called "Permitted Size Vehicles." Vehicles other than Permitted Size Vehicles shall be parked and loaded or unloaded as directed by Lessor in the Rules and Regulations (as defined in Paragraph 40) issued by Lessor. (Also see Paragraph 2.9.)

  • Vehicles Each Financed Vehicle to which a Designated Receivable relates was a new or used medium or heavy duty truck, truck chassis, bus or trailer at the time the related Obligor executed the Retail Note.

  • Partitions (a) Partitions within the Premises shall have 2” gypsum board on each sided of 3-5/8” metal studs, 16’ on center, taped and spackled. Partitions between the Premises, corridor(s) and between the Premises and adjacent space, shall have 5/8” fire code gypsum board, taped and spackled, on each side of 3-5/8” metal studs, 16” on center above finished ceiling to underside of metal deck. Demising partitions and corridor partitions to have thermofibre insulation installed within, and to be constructed from floor to underside of metal deck above.

  • Amenities Each Purchaser of an Interval has and will have access to and the full use and enjoyment of all of the Common Elements and public utilities of the Resort in which such interval is located, all in accordance with the Declaration and Timeshare Documents.

  • Furniture For no additional charge, Landlord hereby leases to Tenant and Tenant hereby leases from Landlord those items of furniture and artwork situated in the Premises (the “FURNITURE”) and described on the inventory list attached hereto as EXHIBIT C (the “INVENTORY LIST”). Landlord hereby represents to Tenant that Landlord owns the Furniture and has the right to lease the Furniture to Tenant as described herein. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that prior to the Lease Commencement Date the parties will conduct a “walk-through” inspection of the Premises in order to confirm the completeness and accuracy of the furniture shown on the Inventory List, and to give Tenant the opportunity to confirm that the Furniture is in good condition and repair. Subject to such “walk-through” inspection, Tenant accepts the Furniture in its “as-is” condition, without any representation or warranty by Landlord. LANDLORD SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATIONS AND/OR WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH RESPECT TO THE FURNITURE. During the Term of this Lease, Tenant shall maintain and repair the Furniture as reasonably necessary, and shall insure the same along with its other personal property pursuant to ARTICLE 10 hereof. Upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, Tenant shall surrender the Furniture to Landlord in the same condition and repair as on the Lease Commencement Date, reasonable wear and tear and damage by casualty excepted.

  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Sublessee shall have the right to use during the Term the office furnishings and equipment within the Subleased Premises that are identified on Exhibit C attached hereto, as such exhibit may be adjusted by mutual agreement of the parties prior to the Third Floor Premises Delivery Date (the “Furniture”), provided Sublessee may only use the Furniture located in the Second Floor Premises after the Second Floor Commencement Date. The Furniture is provided in its “AS IS, WHERE IS” condition, without representation or warranty whatsoever. Sublessee shall insure the Furniture under the property insurance policy required under the Master Lease, as incorporated herein, and pay all taxes with respect to the Furniture. Sublessee shall maintain the Furniture in good condition and repair, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the same occurring during the Term. Sublessee shall surrender the Furniture to Sublessor upon the termination of this Sublease in the same condition as exists as of the applicable Delivery Date, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Sublessee shall not remove any of the Furniture from the Subleased Premises. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Sublessee may provide Sublessor with written notice one (1) time not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the Third Floor Premises Delivery Date that lists any items of Furniture that Sublessee does not want to use and Sublessor shall, at no cost to Sublessee, remove such items from the Subleased Premises prior to the Third Floor Premises Delivery Date and such items shall no longer be considered Furniture hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, provided Sublessee is not in default beyond the expiration of any applicable cure or grace period as of the date of the expiration or earlier termination of this Sublease, which condition may be waived by Sublessor in its sole discretion, then upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Sublease, the Furniture shall become the property of Sublessee, and Sublessee shall accept the same in its “AS IS, WHERE IS” condition, without representation or warranty whatsoever except as provided in the Bill of Sale referred to in the following sentence. In the event the Furniture is to become the property of Sublessee upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Sublease pursuant to the terms of the immediately preceding sentence, then Sublessor agrees to execute and deliver to Sublessee a Bill of Sale in the form of Exhibit D attached hereto conveying and transferring to Sublessee the Furniture.

  • Lighting Landlord will furnish both Building Standard and non-Building Standard lamps, bulbs, ballasts and starters that are part of the Leasehold Improvements for purchase by Tenant at Landlord's cost, plus Landlord's standard administration fee. Landlord will install non-Building Standard items at Landlord's scheduled rate for this service.

  • Parking Throughout the Lease Term, Tenant shall have the exclusive right to use, free of charges, the number of parking spaces set forth in Section 12 of the Summary, which parking spaces constitute the entirety of the parking under the Building and the adjacent surface parking, being all of the parking in the Project. Tenant shall comply with the Parking Rules and Regulations which are in effect on the date hereof, as set forth in the attached Exhibit D and all reasonable modifications and additions thereto which are prescribed from time to time for the orderly operation and use of the Parking Areas by Landlord, and/or Landlord’s Parking Operator (as defined below); provided that such modifications or alterations do not effect Tenant’s use of or access to the Parking Areas. Landlord specifically reserve the right to change the size, configuration, design, layout, of the Parking Areas, and Tenant acknowledges and agrees that Landlord may, without incurring any liability to Tenant and without any abatement of Rent under this Lease, from time to time, temporarily close-off or restrict access to the Parking Areas, so long as Tenant retains access to the number of parking spaces set forth in Section 12 of the Summary. Landlord may delegate its responsibilities hereunder to a parking operator (the “Parking Operator”) in which case the Parking Operator shall have all the rights of control attributed hereby to Landlord. Any parking tax or other charges imposed by governmental authorities in connection with the use of such parking shall be paid directly by Tenant or the parking users, or, if directly imposed against Landlord, Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for all such taxes and/or charges within thirty (30) days after Landlord’s demand therefor. The parking rights provided to Tenant pursuant to this Article 23 are provided solely for use by Tenant’s own personnel visitors and invitees and such rights may not be transferred, assigned, subleased or otherwise alienated by Tenant without Landlord’s prior approval, except in connection with an assignment of this Lease or sublease of the Premises made in accordance with Article 14 above.

  • Lessee’s Personal Property Lessee will acquire and maintain throughout the Term such Inventory as is required to operate the Leased Property in the manner contemplated by this Lease. Lessee may (and shall as provided hereinbelow), at its expense, install, affix or assemble or place on any parcels of the Land or in any of the Leased Improvements, any items of personal property (including Inventory) owned by Lessee. Lessee, at the commencement of the Term, and from time to time thereafter, shall provide Lessor with an accurate list of all such items of Lessee’s personal property (collectively, the “Lessee’s Personal Property”). Lessee may, subject to the first sentence of this Section 6.2 and the conditions set forth below, remove any of Lessee’s Personal Property set forth on such list at any time during the Term or upon the expiration or any prior termination of the Term. All of Lessee’s Personal Property, other than Inventory, not removed by Lessee within ten (10) days following the expiration or earlier termination of the Term shall be considered abandoned by Lessee and may be appropriated, sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of by Lessor without first giving Notice thereof to Lessee, without any payment to Lessee and without any obligation to account therefor. Lessee will, at its expense, restore the Leased Property to the condition required by Subsection 2.3(g), including repair of all damage to the Leased Property caused by the removal of Lessee’s Personal Property, whether effected by Lessee or Lessor. Upon the expiration or earlier termination of the Term, Lessor or its designee shall have the option to purchase all Inventory on hand at the Leased Property at the time of such expiration or termination for a sale price equal to the fair market value of such Inventory. Lessee may make such financing arrangements, title retention agreements, leases or other agreements with respect to Lessee’s Personal Property as it sees fit provided that Lessee first advises Lessor of any such arrangement and such arrangement expressly provides that in the event of Lessee’s default thereunder, Lessor (or its designee) may assume Lessee’s obligations and rights under such arrangement.

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