SECTIONAL TITLE. 9.1 The PURCHASER acknowledges that it is not possible for him to give transfer of any UNIT to any proposed purchaser thereof until such time as the Sectional Title Register of the SCHEME to be developed on the PROPERTY is opened in terms of the ACT. Accordingly the PURCHASER undertakes, within in a reasonable time after completion of the SCHEME and at its own expense, to take such steps as may be reasonably necessary to procure the opening of the said Sectional Title Register by the CONVEYANCERS.
SECTIONAL TITLE. Unit No.: _________ (Door No.: ________) Erf No.: __________ Township : _______________________________ together with garage ________ carport ________Parking ____________ including an undivided share in the common property of the sectional title scheme known as _____________________________________________ Street Address : _______________________________________________________________________________ I/We _________________________________________ and ___________________________________________ the seller(s) and registered owner(s)/the duly authorised representative of such owner(s) of the property known as: Hereby confirm that______________________________ ‘the agent’ (Tax Registration number: _________________) from _________________________________ ‘the agency’, Reg. no.: ________ / ____________ / ________ with FFC no.: ______________________ introduced the purchaser(s) known as __________________________________ and ___________________________________ to the abovementioned property and that the agent is the sole effective cause of the sale of the property to the purchaser(s). The seller(s) will be liable to pay the agency or its nominee the agreed commission as set out below: Selling price: Commission amount: Funds available for distribution to the seller (bond settlement, bond cancellation cost, etc) R____________________________ R____________________________ R___________________________ The seller(s) hereby authorises and irrevocably instructs the transferring attorney to pay the commission as a first claim and without any deductions and bank charges to the agency or its written nominee(s) exclusively as stipulated in clause 12 of the agreement. THUS DONE AND SIGNED BY ME/US at _______________________ on this _____day of _____________ 20_____ SignatureSeller 1:___________________________ Witness:________________________________________ Full names: __________________________________ Name: __________________________________________ ID no.:________________________________ Signature – Seller 2:___________________________ Witness:________________________________________ Full names:__________________________________ Name:__________________________________________ ID no.:________________________________ Seller(s)
SECTIONAL TITLE. Unit The unit number together with the right and privilege to the exclusive use and occupation and an undivided share in the common property, calculated ITO the participation quota.
SECTIONAL TITLE. It is recorded that the units which will be situated on Portion 8 Wonderkrater Vakansie Dorp will be sectional title units. It is recorded further that it is not the Company’s intention to cause a sectional title register to be opened in respect of the balance of the units and the Common Property but that the Company may change such intention by way of an ordinary resolution held at a general meeting of the Company.
SECTIONAL TITLE. It is a title for a unit within a building for instance an apartment Conducting a Land Search in Kenya We should establish that land searches should be conducted so that one can be sure of the property they are buying to avoid being conned and other issues that may arise after the xxxxxxxx.Xxx we’ll look at how to do a search after you are done with the purchase. First and foremost one needs to have the following: Also read: STEPS TO LEGALLY OWN A PIECE OF LAND IN KENYA 2020 Copy of your Identification Card.Copy of KRA Pin Certificate.Copy of the Land Title Deed (4 pages).A filled Search Request Form. Once ownership of land has been established, one can take the next step of transferring the title deed. In cases where land is being bought through a real estate firm a lawyer is not a requirement, but when dealing with an individual it is important to have one present. The process of transferring a title deed may take up to three months before completion. The following documents are required in this process: A copy of the valuation report.Consent to transfer from the commissioner of Land.Xxxxx duty assessment form and proof of xxxxxxx.Xxxx clearance certificate.Copy of identification card and KRA pin certificate.2 copies of colored passport sized photos for the parties involved in the transaction.Transfer consent from the commissioner of lands or the land control board.The title xxxx.Xxxx rent clearance certificate. FAQs Are sale deed and title deed different? A sale deed contains the information about a property title. A title deed is more of a concept that finds a physical form through the sale deed. What is a deed or title? A title refers to the legal right to own something, especially land or property, while a deed is the document that shows you have this right. Refer to for more information on land ownership. Be part of the many followers receiving new articles via their emails I bought a new flat in 2015. In my building 6 flat r present, some r sell, some r still hold by a builder. I have done a sale deed with the builder. so conveyance deed also the essential become the owner of the flat. The builder also not given an occupation certificate. I come in a very small city so, society needs in the flat system of how I developed a society with few members who take flat only for investment purposes, not occupy in flat. I trap bcoz lack of information. also not sign on ferfar. what should i do? Xxxxxx say builder sign necessary for ferfar formAsked 2 years a...