Second Priority Sample Clauses

Second Priority. The Grantee shall recover funds from an insurance carrier or bond issuer and utilize such funds to retire the liability to the Agency.
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Second Priority. To pay the Partnership's debt service; ---------------
Second Priority. Any resident of a household with no greater than 80% Median Income that resides within the City; and
Second Priority. After application of the above priority any teacher in the schools of the Deaneries that accept student teachers may apply for any unused but available fee waivers, as outlined in Article 13.1 D. The fee waiver shall be placed in a fee waiver bank from which the Superintendent is to make equitable distribution. Teachers possessing a Provisional, Professional, or Permanent Ohio Certificate or an Ohio License shall be given first consideration for fee waivers.
Second Priority. Low Income Individuals living in census tracts throughout the City for which household income is no greater than 80% of the Median Income;
Second Priority. Refugees/entrants who are receiving cash assistance;
Second Priority. Older refugees/entrants who have lost, or are at risk of losing, SSI and/or other federal benefits; and B-5.5.3. Third Priority. Older refugees/entrants with the greatest relative risk of nursing home placement. B-5.6. Discretionary Targeted Assistance Grant Program (CFDA 93.576) funds can be used to serve refugees/entrants. The Discretionary Targeted Assistance Grant Program is designed to assist newly arrived refugees and specific refugee populations with compelling situations who for various reasons have been unable to make the transition to economic self- sufficiency.
Second Priority. Refugees/Entrants who have been in the US for less than thirty-six (36) months or within thirty-six (36) months of their date of asylum or applicable eligibility date. B-5.4.3. Third Priority. Clients whose date of entry in the U.S. is more than thirty-six (36) months, or more than thirty- six (36) months from their date of asylum or applicable eligibility date may only be served on the demonstration of extraordinary need and with the approval of the contract manager. B-5.5. Services to Older Refugees Set-Aside, Social Services Grant (CFDA 93.566) funds can be used to serve older refugees/entrants (over the age of 60 years old), whose eligibility date is less than sixty (60) months. The following priorities apply to clients eligible for services funded through the Services to the Older Refugees Set Aside: B-5.5.1. First Priority. All newly arriving older refugees/entrants during their first year of service eligibility. who apply for services;
Second Priority. Payment of subordinated smelter license royalties owed to MMC (in the event that smelter license royalties owed to MMC pursuant to the Smelter License Agreement are subordinated as provided in Section 12.8).
Second Priority. If Net Proceeds remain after satisfying the requirements of the First Priority, such Net Proceeds shall be applied to pay, or to provide for the payment of, the Actual Costs of Eligible CFD Facilities that are intended to be acquired by the City from NMC Builders pursuant to the NMC Acquisition Agreement, including Eligible CFD Facilities, the costs of which have been advanced by a single Member or group of Members, in an amount equal to the lesser of (i) the estimated amount of such Actual Costs, and (ii) the amount of such remaining Net Proceeds.