Responsibilities of Hospital Sample Clauses

Responsibilities of Hospital. During the Contract Period, Hospital shall
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Responsibilities of Hospital. 4.1.1. Hospital’s designated representative will meet Community Agency periodically and / or as requested and ensure that Hospital is completely satisfied with the services provided. 4.1.2. Hospital shall be responsible for: Receiving the services; Paying the Community Agency; and Complying with PHIPA.
Responsibilities of Hospital. Hospital shall submit to Biodesix properly completed test requisition information. Hospital also shall maintain, and furnish to Biodesix upon request, supporting documentation of the physician’s order for the specified COVID Testing services from the ordering physician sufficient to document that any COVID Testing services performed under this Agreement were reasonable and medically necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of such patient.
Responsibilities of Hospital. Hospital shall:
Responsibilities of Hospital. The Hospital shall:
Responsibilities of Hospital